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What will happen with a aggregated DWI charge with a BAC of 0.9 With children ?gave me a DWI charge am I looking at jail time?
Got pulled over because my headlights are green the officer came over to my passenger side of the vehicle said do you know why I pulled u over I said no u as i the headlights and if everything came back ok then I will let you go well everything came back fine then he gave me my stuff and said a could go then asked if I had been drinking I said i have had a couple then he started the full sobriety check my breathalyzer was 0.09 and at the station it was 0.03 I was tired from working 10 hours shift I was very tired. Who can pass standing on your one leg when u are tired from a labor job
Unlikely, but you'll want good representation to fight it
NYS - Legal for minor to drink with parental approval?
I was just informed that in New York state it is legal to let your minor child drink at your home with your consent. I have never heard this before. It this truly the law?
New York allows underage consumption of alcohol in private home or private property with parental control and presence.
I have a duai and a misdemeanor on my record and recently i have been charged with a traffic violation and 2 misdemeanors,
What should i be expexting 2 misdemeanors are driving without a license and the other failing to surrender my license
You should expect the DA to take your prior record into account on how to handle your new case. I recommend you retain...
Does ny have law that says if you get dwi can not drop to lesser charge her
was it not made law in ny state that if dwi charge courts can not give lesser charge
There are certain restrictions in the law that limit what certain charges can be reduced to. This includes DWI charges,...
Husband came to my work & picked me up.He told me he had Drank so I drove. 2 Mi down the rd we got pulled over & he got arrested
for dwi because a report was called in saying he was driving, we live in upstate NY is this legal??? I was driving when we got pulled over..He was charged with Dwi & failure to keep right??? How can he be charged when the State Trooper who pulled us over never even see him Driving?? We were In Amsterdam ON our way home...I cannot believe he got arrested over a call that came in & not one officer saw him driving (heresay)!!! We hve court at the town Justice office.....
Based solely on the facts in your posting your husband has very good grounds for a motion to dismiss. Failing that, he...
How can a dwi from over 12 years play a factor in a dwi case I'm faced with now?
I was pulled over for a DWI in the county of Schenectady last month and the d.a offered a plea to a DUAI yet it was rejected by the judge because of a DUI I had in 2004.
In the judge's mind, you didn't learn your lesson from the first Dwi 12 years ago. Its very rare to get a second dwai...
They give me on my court papers one year probation and they told after the year I dont get in trouble is be clear my dui?
They told me in one year is clear my dui it true o false
You facts are not clear to me but I think the information is wrong. Neither DUI (the misdemeanor) not DWAI (the traffic...