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Do I still need an interlock device for a DUI in 2008?
All other legal requirements were met at the time except the interlock. I have had no moving violations or DUIs since 2008!
Yes. you will never be able to legally drive unless you fulfill the ignition interlock device requirement.
How do you start a petition to change kansas state driving laws and punishments
I am a man that had his license suspended years ago due to failure to provide insurance at the time of stop. I have since gotten multiple counts of driving on suspended and revoked for driving to and from work. I am wanting to chamge the laws. I believe if a person who has the ability to recieve a restricted license after getting a dui while involved in a car wreck that had injury; then why can a person of my stature not have the same right to get a restricted license to be able to comute to and from work
Respectfully, instead of changing the law hows about you change your unlawful behavior? There are solid reasons for...
Can a breath test be admissible as evidence if it was administered improperly?
If a statue says an agency has the authority to determine the procedure required for a law enforcement officer to administer a breath test for law enforcement purposes and that procedure states a 20 minute observation period is required for reliable test results but the discovery evidence indicates a deprivation period of only 17 minutes, can the results of the test be admissible in court? Can a judge overrule a state statute because "it was close enough"?
In Kansas, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment - Breath/Alcohol Unit sets the procedures for which law...
Can medications that interact with alcohol be a defense in a DUI?
I got a DUI a few weeks ago. I have not been to the initial hearing yet (it's next week). The night I was stopped by police, I had only had two drinks over two hours, but long story short, I asked to be given a breathalyzer to prove I hadn't drank much. I ended up blowing a .14. I later found out one of the medications I had been taking to lower the tolerance to my prescription stimulants, also lowers tolerance to alcohol and slows the metabolism of alcohol in the body. I was not aware of this side effect, although it makes perfect sense now how my blood alcohol level could be so high after drinking so little. Can I use this as a defense in court? Or will they most likely say I should have known the risks of mixing alcohol with this medication? Please help.
This is a question that needs much more detail and knowledge of specific defenses allowed under your state law. The...
How bad is a DUI with multiple hit m run while using someone elses car involving a flee an eluding
I had been out drinking with some friends when they decided to go out I was not driving at that time however an incident occurred but I was playing in the car however in my drunken state hopped into the front seat and took off in the car later on that night a sheriff pulled me over and I you then under the influence reacted in a panic and decide to take off I was told I had two cars that night and a third-party vehicle the third Park vehicle was the one where I decided to get out of the car and run away later I was found and take him to the hospital as well as jail for the night can I get help I'm a first-time offender never done anything like this besides are average speeding tickets
You absolutely need to get a lawyer to handle this case. And you also need to stop admitting to criminal conduct on...
Reinstatement of License after 180-day IID
I am a Texas resident with a Texas license living temporarily in Kansas. Following a first time DUI arrest on a completely clean record, Kansas requires an initial 30 day suspension followed by 180 days of only driving a vehicle with an IID installed. The original out of state Texas driver's license was taken obviously because of the law. The criminal charges are being set aside to complete a diversion program. My question is whether that original license will be returned to me after the IID period is over? What steps will have to be taken following the ending of the 6 month restriction. Thank you.
When your license is taken by law enforcement after your arrest for DUI in Kansas it is sent to the Kansas Department...
Can you sue an employer for false accusations if they don't hire you because they believed a rumor that you do drugs??
My dad used to work for a company who travels around the US.. he got sick awhile back and was unable to work.. now he's trying to get his old job back but the employer was (mis) informed that he was doing drugs and that's why he was getting sick.. which is NOT TRUE.. should my dad sue them?? When he first got the job they gave him a drug test and (without a doubt) he passed.. they didn't give him another test before saying they weren't going to hire him back because of his so called "drug usage"
You cannot sue for not getting a job unless the reason is specifically prohibited (racial discrimination, for example)....