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Can a first misdemeanor DUI make you elegible for deportation?
First DUI. Illegal immigrant. Record cLean this would be a first involving the police.
It can. What other type of criminal history do you have? Anything? What was your BAC? Was there a car accident involved?
What is the process for prosecution if a family member was involved in a motorcycle accident, clearly intoxicated at the scene?
Police were summoned along with paramedics. Received a document from the local police department that an arrest was made, the motorcycle was impounded for "evidence-hold", and individual was transported by ambulance to local hospital for serious injuries; and medical personnel stated he was clearly intoxicated and BAC was twice legal limit. This is his 5th DUI, and last one was felony, license suspended, incarcerated for some months. This happened on November 25, and he hasn't received a notice to appear for arraignment yet. What is likely to happen?
If/when a case is filed, he is facing felony DUI charges and is likely to be put in jail. He will need a lawyer to...
Do I take house arrest and a felony on a 4th dui.
I have 2 priors from 2007 1 alcohol one medication I am now dealing with 2 more medication 1 a year old and one 2 months old. I'm being offered 180 days house arrest formal probation and dmv did not suspend my license on either.
Nobody hear can tell you what to do, but if "house arrest" is an option on a felony DUI you should take it!
What are the ramifications of failed breath tests on court-ordered IIDs? (California)
In California, if you fail a breath test on an IID, can you receive additional charges/punishment from the court or DMV?
YES, you could incur a license suspension and possibly a probation violation .
Can I deny employment to someone with a DUI that was dismissed after they finished their DUI probation?
This candidate would work with frail, elderly clients as a caregiver in the homes of those clients. The work also requires the candidate to occasionally drive clients for shopping trips, doctor appointments and so forth. The candidate had a DUI in 2008 and was on probation for along time. In 2014, the DUI was dismissed as a result of the probation period being completed successfully. I prefer not to those who have had DUIs because of the risk that they will do it again while working with my clients. This candidate is telling me that it's not legal for me to deny them employment on the basis of this now-dismissed DUI. Is the candidate correct?
No, the candidate is not correct. You can certainly deny them employment on this basis.
Court threw out DUI but the DMV did not. License suspended for 1 year now how do I get it off my DMV record.
Got my license back but still on DMV record. How can I get it removed since I wasn't convicted in court.
You can't. Dmv and the court are two separate entities. Were you under 21 or was it a refusal? Either way, the dmv does...
What's the best way to divorce a drunk who won't leave?
I want a divorce, but my spouse pretends to think I'm kidding. If I bring it up, he immediately begins to take control of the conversation by shutting me out while he shouts out his spin on things. I refuse to argue and leave. He says I have communication problems. He's right about that - I do with him. He drinks every day, changes moods within minutes, gets hostile, threatening and insulting, I know he's a manipulator. He won't move out of "my" house I hold title to, expects me to pay 3/4 of the mortgage, blames me for our financial problems. I have a lot more to lose than he does and he knows it. Do I need to pay an attorney to dissolve this marriage, or can I just file a petition with the court and do it myself? I feel either way it'll be a hassle. Any advice? Thank you!
From my website -- the definition of an attorney: "Attorneys do what you cannot, will not, or should not do for...