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State or county prison time for 3rd DUI? Could DUI treatment court be considered?
History of 3 DUIs. In a county prison 4 months for the 2nd one. 10 years passed when charged with the 3rd one. Will there be definite jail time again?
More details are needed to respond to this question competently. Has 10 years passed since the 2nd DUI? Has there been...
Is the 72 hour notice 3 business days?
Charged with 2nd DUI in Lancaster County PA.( actually, the total is 3 but the first was was over 10 years ago). Received court papers that say I have to hire an attorney within 72 hours or else.... I got the letter on Friday afternoon and will be consulting a lawyer on Tuesday.
Or else?? They can't make you hire an attorney. You would be crazy not to hire one but if your consulting with an...
What are your thoughts?
My spouse is self employed, and I am unemployed (actively looking though for quite some time.) He recently got a 2nd offense DUI, and with no source of income, I fear we may have to file for bankruptcy.
I don't believe anyone can you give you such advice on this forum. You will know what you assets and liabilities are...
Hi I am on county probation for a DUI. My wife is on State Parole. We are married. Can we live together
She is getting released from prison September 29th. her state parole pfficer is saying we are not allowed to live together. Is this true
Did her parole officer give her a reason why? In any event she should talk to her attorney to address this.
Can diabetes affect bac , blood test in Pa.
I had an accident , went off road , i am a diabetic and havent eaten in 24 hours , i was coming home from local tavern , when i saw white lights and lost control and hit a tree,,then passed out for a moment , all i saw were white lights, i was transported to trauma , where bac , blood test was taken and shoed a .224
I don't believe diabetes will throw a blood test off to that extent. It can throw off a breath test. It may well have...
In pa is jail mandatory for a 5th driving under suspension non dui related
I live in PA, I received a 5th driving while suspended, never suspended for a DUI, just for not paying fines, and getting caught on an already suspended licence. The judge gave me 90 days in jail and a 1000.00 fine, should I appeal this or is it mandatory?
In Pennsylvania, the 6th DUS conviction must result in incarceration. However, the recidivism statute provides that...
Can I get Ard for a Dui while on Ard for a non Dui charge ? Lancaster County
I Got a Dui while parked in my gfs car because she felt she was to drunk to drive, I don't have my license, and I am on Ard for a simple assault about 2 years ago. Im not sure what to do or if I can do anything, I don't know for 100% certainty that I will get the dui, but it seems like I might. he didn't take a picture or fingerprint me, just ran my bac and gave me a print out of that. I blew a .113 but did fine with my sobriety test as I told them I would, because I didn't feel I was un fit to drive us the 5 min home.
For a variety of reasons described in your story, the short answer to your question is "no". Moreover, your new DUI...