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Hi I am on county probation for a DUI. My wife is on State Parole. We are married. Can we live together
She is getting released from prison September 29th. her state parole pfficer is saying we are not allowed to live together. Is this true
Did her parole officer give her a reason why? In any event she should talk to her attorney to address this.
Can diabetes affect bac , blood test in Pa.
I had an accident , went off road , i am a diabetic and havent eaten in 24 hours , i was coming home from local tavern , when i saw white lights and lost control and hit a tree,,then passed out for a moment , all i saw were white lights, i was transported to trauma , where bac , blood test was taken and shoed a .224
I don't believe diabetes will throw a blood test off to that extent. It can throw off a breath test. It may well have...
In pa is jail mandatory for a 5th driving under suspension non dui related
I live in PA, I received a 5th driving while suspended, never suspended for a DUI, just for not paying fines, and getting caught on an already suspended licence. The judge gave me 90 days in jail and a 1000.00 fine, should I appeal this or is it mandatory?
In Pennsylvania, the 6th DUS conviction must result in incarceration. However, the recidivism statute provides that...
In Pennsylvania, are 3 tier 3 Dui convictions in ten years different penalty wise to 2 tier 3 convictions and 1 tier 2?
Ive been charged w a 3rd offense dui of bac .16 or greater. Looking online I discovered that one of the previous convictions was actually in the .10-.16 range. My public defender said this has no bearing on the penalties, but that doesnt seem correct to me. Am I wrong?
You are incorrect and your attorney is right. The rating of the prior DUIs does not matter only that their were two...
Is it still considered driving under suspension if the suspension term is over but I didnt comply with restoration requirements?
My DUI related suspension was served in April but I was unable to afford the interlock, In May I was stopped and ultimately charged with driving under suspension. Am I correct in thinking that I should have a lesser charge of driving without a license being that the actual suspension had technically been served?
You are incorrect. The correct charge is driving ubder suspension DUI related. Your license suspension ends when you...
My boyfriend got a Dui 7 years ago in oklahoma but never was served papers never went to court nothing
about 2 years ago a background check came back with a Dui on it from there we called the OSBI and asked about it and they said that the paperwork was lost and that they were not an extrdection state? but it is showing that its still on his background what can be done about this and do they have a time limit that charges can be filed
The reality is nothing can be done about it in Pennsylvania. You are going to have to call an Oklahoma attorney to...
How likely is it to get pre-trial house arrest counted towards a mandatory prison sentence in a DUI case?
I was unable to post bail at my prelim and was instead fitted with a scram/house arrest bracelet. My attorney at the time seemed very confident that he could get the time on house arrest counted toward the 1 yr mandatory sentence. Unfortunately I ran out of funds and had to seek a public defender who's said that's absolutely impossible. By sentencing I will have completed 8 months of house arrest. It seems extremely unfair that it would be for naught, but the PD is adamant that it is. I will soon have the funds to rehire an attorney, but is it worth it if he's correct?
This seems to be a very county specific question. It can be frustrating when different attorney's express different...