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How can you find out what your alcohol blood level was after you got a dwi?
Got a dwi after they took blood out and found alcohol in system
Your attorney will get that information. It is part of discovery that the prosecutor is required to provide to him/her.
Is it right for the courts to add my husband's previous time he served with his dwi
he only had one beer, we were parked for 1 or 2 ,mins with the car off. My husband takes alot of meds due to his illnesses and his ammonia levels were up and they came in behind us told us they.needed to check the tint on our Windows. I told them he needed to go to the hospital they said no he was being arrested
All previous conviction within ten (10) years can be considered as an enhancement.
I've been on parole 9 years without any infractions, I got a dwi, parole put a warrent on me, can an attorney get this lifted?
This is the only violation I've had in the 9 years of parole, and the only dwi I have ever had, the attorney I hired said he could get it dismissed because I blew a .079 and the legal limit is .08, I told parole what happened and they said they were gonna wait until after the outcome of the charge was found out. But the next thing I lno they put a warrant on me
The parole agent can always put a hold on a parolee upon a new arrest. Whether or not the new case is dismissed, the...
My liscence was suspended 2 years for a 2nd dwi in tx, do I have to pay the 6000 in full before I can get my dl back?
or can I start making payments and get my tdl while I'm making the payments? is there a way they can be reduced?
Contact DPS. They will work an installment agreement to keep your license
If a DWI in Texas case if Dismissed, do surcharges still apply? In Texas its $1000 a year? Is my license no longer suspended?
My case ended up being dismissed, I was told to just pay court cost and the ticket for my license plate light being out. But the DWI is dismissed..
No DWI conviction no surcharge. Think about getting the case expunged.
I have been on Probation for 7 years on a 10year D.W.I conviction 3 or more (Felony) Can I apply for early Release.
I have since gone to College and received my Associate Degree my goal is to be an L.C.D.C. (Licensed Chemical Dependency Councelor) I have done my Practicum but I am having trouble Interning because I am still on probation, am I eligible to apply for an early release so that I can move on with my goal to help fellow Chemical Dependent fellows.
You can apply as you have completed well over the required time to be eligible. Early termination of your probation is...
8/10 years probation and violated with couple months left w another felony dwi.
can revocation penalty be worked in with new case if different counties or could they amend still and extend ? Max on probation is 10 years ? Cold they extend two years still . Likelihood or will tehy just wanna be done with me and short punishment or revoke ? Could they just say ok 2 years ? or some type of outpatient, inpatient, or some sort of modifacation without prison or safp ?
Several questions here. First, the relationship between the old and new cases, with them being in different counties....