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  • Man enlisted to help retrieve friend's stolen items ...

    Jan 20, 2017 | via Seattle Times 

    King County prosecutors say an Auburn-area woman became so frustrated that deputies hadn't recovered items stolen from her house a few weeks ago that she enlisted a group of friends to help her retrieve her Xbox and 55-inch flat-screen TV from a man's home. One of those friends, Asotoetu Atiulagi, 18, of Auburn, is accused of shooting the man early on Jan. 13. He has been charged with first-degree assault and first-degree burglary and is being held in jail in lieu of $250,000 bail, jail records show.


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Enumclaw Law

If I don't request a hearing for my license suspension how long will it be suspended I was told 90 days
I received a DUI
If it is your first DUI and you provided a breath test, then yes it is likely for 90 days. You can either consult with...
WA DUI, second offense, BAC .21, penalties
my step daughter just got a second dui within 1 year of her 1st offense. She had rear-ended a car and her BAC was .21. What are the minimum fines, penalizations she is looking at?
Presuming first that she pleads guilty or is convicted of a second DUI for over .15, she is facing a mandatory jail...
Can California extradite me for my DUI if I get stopped in WA?
I have two DUIs in the state of CA that have yet to be dealt with. I live in GA and am about to move to WA. I'm worried though that CA may extradite me all the way from WA. Is this something I need to worry about. My DUIs are from 2012 as well.
If you have a warrant for you arrest issued by a court anywhere in the US, you can be arrested anywhere in the US at...
What are the steps for reentry into Canada after DUI
Do I need an attorney? What are the statistics they grant something like this? Is it easy to do without an attorney? Thanks!
You probably do need an attorney to apply for "rehabilitation." I've changed the practice area to immigration so that...
How do I deal with the DOL if I have r been charged with a DUI?
I put in an "intent to defer prosecution" order with the DOL. They agreed to the order and to contact them 150 days from charge date or 2 years from the date of arrest. I have not even been charged for my DUI yet. The DOL sent me a new notice to now remove my driving privelages for 2 years because they haven't heard. How do I prove to them I haven't even been charged yet? My incident occurred on 28 Aug 2016. Please tell me they can't take my license as my intent is to still defer. I shouldn't have to request a hearing as I've already submitted intent to defer prosecution. Thanks
You were suppose to contact them within 2 years from the date of arrest, you did and now your license is suspended.
What should I do in the case where I was arrested, but not charged, for a DUI and my license was suspended?
I'm the primary caregiver of my kids and need to drive for work. I made a horribly dumb mistake, but have a spotless record otherwise. Also, my work takes me to Canada...will I be denied entry at the border if I was not charged? Thank you.
You should contact a DUI attorney right away for a free consultation to discuss your case. Many times there is a delay...
Travel after a DUI
My husband got a dui in August 2016, is on nonsupervised parole for 60 months. We were looking to book a cruise to Cozumel, Belize and Honduras in the near future. Will he have trouble traveling to these countries? I am getting the run around as far as who may have the answer.
It shouldn't be a problem. If there are immigration issues, you should probably speak with an immigration attorney...