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Arrested for dwi in NC, but a resident of WV?
I was arrested for DWI in NC while on vacation. My driving privileges in NC are revoked for 30 days. If convicted, driving privledges will be suspended for 1 year from conviction date. I have hired an attorney in NC to fight my case, but if convicted my understanding is I'll be treated as if the DWI occurred in WV. If this happens, will I be eligible for interlock after 15 days as in WV, or will this be denied to me because my suspension is for 1 year in NC? This is first offense, Breath test of 0.13, no agrivating factors, and no property damage.
You will probably want to consult an attorney in WV as well, and don't wait until the NC case is done and over with....
What could happen being caught driving on 2nd offense suspended licence while being on house arrest.
My good friend has outstanding fines I guess and 2 months ago got caught driving on suspended 1st time. About 30 min ago he had a minor vendor vendor, no damage done to vechicles. But he is on house arrest but allowed to work. He just got arrested for driving on suspended license for 2nd time. I'm courious at how long jail time, if any, he may have to do.
Third offense suspended is when jail time becomes a potential penalty. My strong advice is that you get the old...
What will happen in a preliminary hearing for 3rd driving revoked for dui
I have a preliminary hearing for driving 3rd offense driving revoked for dui and a felony with 1 to 3 years pending I don't have a criminal record other than driving offenses do I have a chance of getting it droped to a second and the felony droped with house arrest or sentence suspended and givin a lower charge and punishment
Those scenarios are certainly possible; however, the #1 thing is getting in place an experienced well trained dui...
When one pleads a no contest to a "implied consent" in 1996 would one be required to take the aforementioned DUI class?
Refused breathalyzer....went to jail....posted bond later plead nolo contendre to implied consent
No way to know if this person would have to take the aforementioned class as no lawyer on this web site has your case...
Can a person with a susepended DL for dui get in trouble for backing into a car in the drive through lane from a parking spot
I was in a privitely owned parking lot owned by an ice cream place in a parking spot and backed into a car in the drive through lane in west virginia not on a city street or city owned lot the woman called police he did not write a ticket or tow my car cause I was legally parked when he got there with the keys out of the ignition but said he was gonna issue a warrant and for me to turn my self in when he calls me can i fight this and win with no punishment for being behind the wheel other than paying for the damage to the woman's car
Yes, you can get into trouble driving with a suspended license on private property.
If i hired a lawyer for breaking the law 17B-4-3B in west virginia can i get out of it with only a fine?
I was sitting in a parkinglot at a resturant at midnight with the vehicle running because i was talking on my phone and a cop came and checked my lisense and gave me a ticket for driving on a revoked for dui. I already took the classes to get my lisense back and paid them off so i could get my lisence back i really dont want to go to jail over this especally because i have a decent job. Please help.
You should consult directly with an attorney regarding this, especially since it carries mandatory jail time. Is there...
Can an intoxicated person give a statement that results in a search warrant?
An intoxicated woman was pulled ovr, charged with a DUI, and made a statement that resulted in a search warrant of an unrelated residence. Is it legal to obtain a search warrant on the statement of an intoxicated woman who was charged with DUI?
Sure, happens all the time. Clearly, even in her intoxicated condition she provided sufficient details that convinced...