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My Ex husband lost his license in Nov 2011 for 3rd DUI He said it was now only a 2nd offense and he would be getting his license back in Mar of 2014. In Jan 2014, he was ordered to go to Rehab instead of jail. He never tells the truth and I am not sure if he would have had to do his rehab/jail time right at the time of the arrest or over two years later? I am scared for my kids lives when they are with him. Do you know if this possibly sounds correct or like he received a subsequent DUI charge. He also was arrested in Florida for theft in Jan 2014 and had a 2003 theft charge in the past. I do not know where to turn for facts. Please help Thank you Desiree
These facts as to the DUI make no sense, so I think your husband is lying to you. Consult an attorney as to getting a...
I was given a citation for possession, consumption, or transportation of alcohol because the cops were called while we were in our dorm room by the RA. However the RA walked into the room without consent and saw a water bottle of alcohol and immediately called the police on us because he assumed we were drinking when the cops came we all denied drinking and the cop did NOT breathalyze us. He took our information down and left. Then while we were all home on break we got a citation in the mail saying that we were underage drinking and whatnot when none of us admitted to doing it and they did not breathalyze us and had no proof we had drank anything all they had was the water bottle of alcohol and partially filled shot glass. I already have a citation for disorderly conduct and public drunk.
You need to speak to a Pa. attorney. In NJ you would have some defenses. i do not know Pa. law.
I was stopped by the sheriff in mc I had all my papers correct no Mv violation I was told to turn off vehicle the officer reached in and unlocked the door told me to step out searched me and searched my car and found nothing then told me to spread my legs wide and unbuckled my jeans took them down found crack cocaine and heroin 3 rd degree in my draws and then placed me under arrest can they do that in the open on side of road no warrants license and papers straight
An attorney would have to read the police report to indicate what PC did the officer have to do what he did. This case...
for two years. Since I was suspended in NJ for only seven months, I thought I could get a license in NJ. Now DMV is telling me that I cannot get a license here until I get a letter from the OTHER state. Can DMV in NJ impose this requirement?
Yes. They can. NJ is one of 45 States which is part of the interstate compact. They will treat your prior DWI as if it...
I was home sitting in my car in my driveway n 2 cops pulled up and said they got reports that I hit multiple cars. .. By the look at my car it was clear that it was BS as my car was not damaged yet they charged me with DWI. I was home already in my house drinking I decided to go back out to get my cigarettes and I made the mistake n sat back in my car with the keys in the ignition. I did already get a lawyer n explain the case - he thinks it's a tuff case - what do you think?
I don't know enough to comment. I must defer to YOUR LAWYER, the lawyer you hired and who alone possesses more...
DL suspended 3 more years for old DWI's completed all requirements to have DL restored prior to Policy Review took over 9 months while policy was being changed continually appeal of review took 5 months had NY DL only 4 months never a ticket in NY all in NJ Dangerous Driver Policy 2 DWI / 2 refusal oldest 1988 newest 2011 requested DL released to NJ where I live now Denied
See the answers to your other posts.
15 hours left Community service; IDRC overnight May 2013. Fines paid locally. Surcharge paid monthly-- on time. I turned down three teaching jobs that I deeply wanted and need. If residence, changed to PA: can I get license while continuing to pay surcharges. Can I drive in NJ in vehicle with device? My first DUI was nine and half years before September 2013-- turned my license in 2 days later. I cannot afford to live here-- no income. Turned down schools for schools that cater to exceptionally gifted students and I have no life.
That is up to Pa. law. You need to ask aPa. attorney. i doubt it. If you can Pa. may have conditional licenses. You...