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Ex gets drunk with his 16 year old daughter and I have pictures with them posted on social media. Meanwhile he gets our 3 year old every other weekend unsupervised overnight. What can I do so my son doesn't have to be around this. I need help and the courts don't seem to take this serious. What else can I do
File a motion (emergent) to end unsupervised parenting time until he at least completes an alcohol program or some...
I want to get a b license in NY how my dui in NJ will affect getting my b license in NY ?
If you are currently suspended in NJ you won't be able to get a license in NY.
If you lose your license for DUI, does the Court actually TAKE your physical license, or do you just lose the privilege to drive? When you do lose your privilege to drive, does the Judge order it to begin that very day or for a future day so you can drive home from court?
The Court will require you to turn in your physical license at the of sentencing. If you need to grive home, the Court...
I'm currently suspended in NY for the refusal. Plea is 90 day susp. no interlock no ddp program
The refusal and the DWI are two different cases in NY. If NY notifies NJ MVC of the suspension, NJ will suspend you....
Back in April I got a dwi in which i crashed a vehicle which wasn't mine and damaged some property @ blew a reading of .20. I was given a court date by the arresting officer for the following week. I hired an attorney, who put in for a postponement, entered a not guilty plea & requested the discovery. Its been over 5 months later, my attorney still hasn't received the discovery or a court date. He thinks the court may have lost my case. He's just telling me we should keep quiet & see how it goes, but if there's an chance of it getting dismissed due to the lack of providing the discovery, I'd like to get this over with already. I'm just looking for a 2nd opinion, ultimately I'm going to follow my attorneys advice. Thanks
Who needs a house out in Hackensack? Is that all you get for your money? LISTEN to your lawyer. We're not in the...
1) Do I need a lawyer for the court appearance? 2a) Can I fight the ticket B/C the office did not have Reasonable Cause to pull my son over? 2b) Should I? 3) Is fine a flat $100, or $100 per extra person in car? 4) Is the court appearance a formality, or should we come with character reference documentation (Grades, References, Key to the City, etc.)? Thank you so much!
This is a status type offense. Your son has a GDL and had too many passengers in the vehicle. If he was operating a...
for a dui/dwi how likely is it that your cause will be dismissed entirely if the breath test and field sobriety tests are both thrown out in court for being procedurally improper?
More information needed to intelligently answer the question