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State of Florida DMV is saying I need FR-44 and interlock device. Bac was lowered in court to .08
I am trying to reinstate my license. Florida DMV said I need a FR44 and an interlocking device. I referred back to court papers and D.A.'s office offered to lower BAC to .08 instead of police report reading of .15 to lower my penalties. Florida DMV said today they don't care what happened in court. They said I have to get FR44 and interlocking device because they said so. Can they do this and why? Also then why go thru the hassle and bother to lower BAC to .08 for less stringent penalties if DMV just disregards the court report and sentence . Help! What they want to impose is over 1200.00 up front to get license then FR44 for 3 years and interlock device for 6 months.
Yes, they can. The criminal process is different than the administrative process. The judge has no control over the...
I got arrested Friday night with my first dui offense. I need advice and info on a hardship license.
I got pulled over for a license plate light out. It was clear I had a few drinks which i did. I was compliant with the officer and the sobriety test but I believe I failed. I scraped a mailbox while being pulled over but it was no damaged. Police report supports this. My vehicle was not insured or registred in floridafor the simple fact I can't afford the impact fee. I am a single father taking care of one child. I am an Army veteran and I have no prior criminal record. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
First thing you need to do is apply for a hardship down at the Bureau of Administrative reviews within ten days of your...
What is the min & max sentence for burglary of an occ. dwelling, 2nd degree, and criminal mischief with 2 dui's prior?
My ex boyfriend broke onto my back porch while I wasn't home (yet a friend was there waiting for me), and when I called him to ask what his problem was, he showed up with a stick and started messing around. He was drunk and I had just broken up with him after five years. He ended up getting charged with burglary on an occupied dwelling and criminal mischief. He has had 2 DUI's but nothing else serious. What kind of sentence is he looking at and is there any way I can drop the charges?
Burglary of an occupied dwelling is a second degree felony which can carry a maximum of 15 years in state prison. The...
I got a dui back in 1998 and in Charlotte N.C and was charged with another 1 on 11/8/2016 how bad is this for me?
I was pulled over for speeding 44 in 30 and that led to the dui cant remember my bac but think it was .017% cam I beat this without jail time?
You will face prosecution for a 2nd DUI with no minimum mandatory sentencing (it has to occur within 5 years of the...
I have a suspended license from civil judgement that happened almost 20 years ago, can I wait for SOL to run out?
I was named in a civil court lawsuit for an automobile accident where I was not the driver, but I was the owner and registered user of the vehicle. The accident occurred back in the mid 90s and a judgement was issued. Final judgement was issued on June 4, 1997 in the amount of approx. $7000. I'm sure with interest over the years, this amount has skyrocketed. As a result, my license was suspended. I called the courthouse and got the name of the lawyer on the judgement, have not contacted him yet. Will this judgement expire this coming june?(20 years if I'm reading the law right). If so will this satisfy the judgement for the DMV? If I call him and try to reach a settlement, will this renew the judgement or affect the statute of limitations if this judgement has one?
You are going to get the same answers as the last time you posted this question!
I have a suspended license due to a judgement from an accident that was in 1996. What is my best course of action
I recently found out that my license was suspended due to an accident and judgement. From what I remember, the accident was from a car that was in my name and was borrowed. Both the person who borrowed it and myself are listed on the judgement and it was just over $7000 back in 1996. I assumed he did not pay any of it, am I responsible for the full amount? Is there any statue of limitations for the judgement? I want to work out a payment plan with the Lawyer, but I am hesitant as I don't want to open pandoras box and "re-age" the debt. I also know that with 11% interest, the number is now much higher. I'm also worried that this judgement may affect me buying a house. Any info would be greatly appreciated
If you want a FL-DL then there is only one course of action. You need to call DMV (850-617-2000) and get the...
I was recentley arrested for a DUI in FL with a BAC of only .03. The 0fficer required me to a urine test and I was given 25 min,
I was charged with refuse, I could not pee and what are the rules to be followed? I had atleast 12 cops looking in the windowed toiletsink, and 5 suspects and no privacey, bladder shy, Is there guidelines of 2 hours to be given to me, and cival rights to privacy. FL will take my DL. I have apealed and will meet DMV feview board that will most certainley deny me my privaledge, What are the rules for amount of time that should be given to collect sample ? DOT regulations ? and cival rights concerning 20 people looking on and handcuffed and no liquid and trying to pee in a cup. 25 minutes was given to me and I felt like a side show at a carnival. Guide me to policies, rules etc. procedures under Law. Thank You so. I have lost faith in FL police and all judicial people
You are asking the wrong question. What the "rules to be followed" are (i.e. the legal protocol) is irrelevant to...