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Should I hire a lawyer for a second MIP?
My 19 year old daughter was arrested for a DUI when she was 17. Six month later when she was 18 she got a MIP. She was put on probation for a year. Six months into probation, got her second MIP which is a violation of probation. She goes to court for the second MIP in 2 months. Should we hire an attorney? Was is her possibility of going to jail?
Yes. Your daughter needs a good attorney. She will grow up one day and have these hard days behind her. Right now she...
Can a DWAI in colorado be considered a DUI in California
DWAI was in 2011.
I graduated from Berkeley and started my legal career in California. I can't say definitively what a judge in...
Can I change to unsupervised probation?
I am currently on a 2 yr probation sentence through jeffco and monitored by Intervention. I have completed 9 months and and every term of probation including fines, community service, track a alcohol treatment, and MADD class. I have also not missed any ua's and all have been clean......Can I get transferred to unsupervised probation?
In CA you can petition for informal rather than formal probation. This May or may not be the same I CO. Speak to a CO...
What is the likelihood of early termination of dui probation in jefferson county?
I was originally charged with dui and hit an run, although the hit and run was dropped. I am 12 months complete with a 2 year probation sentence. I have completed all terms of probation and all ua's have been clean. What is the likelihood of getting early termination of probation in Jefferson county?
You should hire a lawyer in your area and have them talk to the state’s attorney in Jefferson County. They may be able...
Best case scenario for first time offense/DUI in Colorado
This is my first offense, I was pulled over with a .093 and was completely cooperative with the police and the people at the holding center. I was released on a PR which the DA suggested. I'm wondering what the the chances are that I'll be given just community service and driving classes?
None unless an attorney can find a legal defense to your case. State law basically mandates that DA's are not allowed...
I am not sure why you are asking this question again. We already told you that nicotine will NOT show up on a urine test.
How long does an outstanding debt with RMOMS last?
So in 2006 I was revoked on rmoms probation in loveland Colorado. I am now on rmoms probation in englewood Colorado. They say I owe a balance of 815$ from 2006. This is the first I have heard of this money EVER. Is this at all anything I can fight? I was transferred from 18th judicial district probation in November 2013 and my new p.o. wont call me back and I call 5 times a day and leave messages.
It never goes away. Whether they can collect on it is something else entirely. CO has a 6 year statute of limitations...