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Should I hire a lawyer for a second MIP?
My 19 year old daughter was arrested for a DUI when she was 17. Six month later when she was 18 she got a MIP. She was put on probation for a year. Six months into probation, got her second MIP which is a violation of probation. She goes to court for the second MIP in 2 months. Should we hire an attorney? Was is her possibility of going to jail?
Yes. Your daughter needs a good attorney. She will grow up one day and have these hard days behind her. Right now she...
Is it possible to complete alcohol classes on unsupervised Probation
I was sentenced on a Dwai on 12/8/14, had an Alcohol evaluation on 1/7/15. I was told I had to do Track B therapy and started 10 days later. The Judge gave me One year of probation with Six months supervised. I have completed all other terms of my probation. Last week my RMOMS probation officer said I must be supervised until completion of classes. Probation terms June 8, my classes continue until mid October. I don't intend on voluntarily signing an extension. Is it required that I be supervised or just a ploy for continued payments? I have no previous criminal record or dirty UA's. P.S. The judge knew I would most likely have Track B and still gave me six months supervision. What are my options
Your first and best option is to hire an attorney to work through this with you.
When can I take the Drivers Awarmess Class?
I'm 15 and 5 months, I turn 15 and 6 months on January 20th. I was wondering if I could take the Awarness class early and then take my documents on my birthday and get my permit then
You should call or write to the Division of Motor Vehicles in you state for the answer to your question. Be Safe!
Will i get jail time for my first dui
i have three charges dui, driving with blood alcohol content of 0.08 or more, and failed to obey traffic control signal
Impossible to say without more facts. Prior record? what did you actually blow? accident? These are all relevant....
Can a DWAI in colorado be considered a DUI in California
DWAI was in 2011.
I graduated from Berkeley and started my legal career in California. I can't say definitively what a judge in...
Can I change to unsupervised probation?
I am currently on a 2 yr probation sentence through jeffco and monitored by Intervention. I have completed 9 months and and every term of probation including fines, community service, track a alcohol treatment, and MADD class. I have also not missed any ua's and all have been clean......Can I get transferred to unsupervised probation?
In CA you can petition for informal rather than formal probation. This May or may not be the same I CO. Speak to a CO...
What is the likelihood of early termination of dui probation in jefferson county?
I was originally charged with dui and hit an run, although the hit and run was dropped. I am 12 months complete with a 2 year probation sentence. I have completed all terms of probation and all ua's have been clean. What is the likelihood of getting early termination of probation in Jefferson county?
You should hire a lawyer in your area and have them talk to the state’s attorney in Jefferson County. They may be able...