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  • Shooting in Endicott sends man to hospital

    Saturday Jan 30 | via Press & Sun-Bulletin 

    Shooting in Endicott sends man to hospital The investigation remained ongoing Saturday Check out this story on pressconnects.com: http://press.sn/1WTyCzV Officers received a call at 12:06 Saturday morning about a victim with a gunshot wound in the vicinity of Nanticoke Avenue and East Franklin Street, according to police.


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Endicott Law

Your question is vague. Were you denied for 3 or DWI related convictions within a 25 year period or something else....
A friend of mine was arrested last week for an agg dwi. What is he looking at for sentencing? We live in NY
This was his second offense but his first dwi was lowered to something else. He also hit a corner of a house, no one was home at the time.
Up to 1 year in jail. It's a serious case given the accident, bac level and prior. He needs to hire a good criminal...
My car was totalled by an intoxicated driver, what should I do?
My car was totalled by an intoxicated driver while it was parked(in NYS). I was in the car at the time and watched them drive away. The driver's insurance quotes my car for $4800 ACV. His/her adjuster says the driver is thinking about paying for the repairs out of his own pocket. I have been to the doctor and also have a rental car under their insurance. How can I best proceed? If I accept the out of pocket does that mean I give up any legal action also? If I take the money/repairs from the driver do I need a contract? And should I accept a check or just say cash? Thanks for your help. -J.H.
Don't believe anythng said to you by an insurance rep especially one whose client is intoxicated and caused the...
New York State Penalties for conviction of misdemeanor ADWI per se and common law DWI from same incident.
If a defendant is convicted of both ADWI - 1192(aa) - and common law - DWI 1192(3) - fro same arrest, can a court impose separate sentences for each charge. For example, judge sentences defendant to a year in jail followed by 3 years of probation for the ADWI. If defendant violates probation, can judge sentence defendant to another year in jail on the common law DWI?
If both convictions arose out of the same incedent, the sentences would run concurrent, i.e. at the same time. An A...
Will my revoked NYS Drivers licence be approved?
I have been convicted of DWI 6 times, the last in 2007. I have been sober since then. I was offered long term rehab and successfully completed in 2010. All my fines and surcharges have been paid in full and I recieved an early discharge from probation with full satisfaction of the requirements. I am now also a proud father of a beautiful 5 year old girl. When I think of the quality of life she deserves, after learning the terms from the very programs the same system offered me a chance to adapt to my life, the stress of not having the privileges of taking her fishing, picking her up from school, Or taking her birthday shopping ect, ect, are mounting in our family. I was told by the dmv that I can reapply in 2017 but it is possible to be denied because of the history. Our family needs help.
New York DMV will likely permanently revoke your license based on the number of DWI convictions: http://dmv.ny.gov/...
Detained but not ticketed or arrested and issued with a verbal warning
I was detained recently by being questioned and then driven home by the police after suspicion for a DUI when sitting in a parking lot. I was not ticketed or arrested on that date and received no paper work during this time and was driven back to my home. As of yet I have yet to receive anything in the mail and my license was ran with the correct address the night of the incident. Should I contact the court and see if there is anything coming or is this going to be forgotten about and nothing come of it?
if the police did not have you do roadside sobriety exercises or take a breath test then it is likely you won't be...
If two people are intoxicated to the point where they are incapable of sexual consent can both parties claim they were assaulted
The participating parties are one man and one woman both over the legal age of consent
In theory each could claim the other committed rape due to lack of capacity (intoxication) to consent.