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How can I get a copy of my blood test from dui? No one told me from my medication
Coming from pharmacy just took 1 of my medication. While driving home dropped cigeratte (about to put in ash try) then fell out of my finger to knee ( wearing shorts) then hit floor. Rushed to pick up cigeratte on floor before fire. Split second slid on turn from dirt to deep grass.
Your lawyer will get this information when you go to court. If you can't afford to hire your own lawyer, the judge will...
Can I still be charged for a DUI because of this petty theft.
4905 PC 23152(f) CVC - DUI ALCOHOL 25662(a) I was charged with petty theft and minor in possession of alcohol the other day. I was caught stealing a couple beers, and have not attended my court date yet. 5 month prior i was arrested for a DUI but not found of guilt.
Im wondering if the DUI could still be prosecuted by the DA because I have read that they have one year to file for DUI,s in CA.
1st I was in a car accident the night of thanksgiving, last year. I was taken in ambulance to the hospital. My BAC was .144% I was the only one in the car and did not hit anyone. The DA decided not to pursue charges. Then 5 months later I have recently been charged with petty theft of two 22 ounce craft beers. Although I know you can not be charged twice I was wondering if after seeing the petty theft the DA would change their mind and pursue the DUI and the petty theft / MIP (sorry for repost some people were confused by my last questions wording i think this will help clarify)
The DA has up to one year to file a misdemeanor DUI.
Can I drive out of state while on a restricted license due to DUI? Do all DUI attorneys offer expungements?
I recently pled to a DUI. My license is on restriction. I am heading to another state for work purposes. Is my license valid as I travel outside of CA? I was also going to ask if all DUI attorneys offer expungement of DUI charges? I used the public defender in this case and I will be not be living in CA when the time comes. How can I find out if the attorney does expungements outside of just calling a lot of lawyers.
Most attorneys will prepare and file a PC1203.4 Petition for Dismissal for you. First, you must successfully complete...
I have a felony DUI combined all 4 into 1 felony just got 5th what are my options
i did 365 for 4th duo which they combined into 1 felony dui i did almost 2 years probation did all i was supposed to signed the 3 yr lid.... then just got a DUI again oct 19th i dont have money for an atty, but have a good job that is supportive a family, kids and obviously a drinking problem that when alcohol is involved, i make horrible decisions i violated probation obviously and am scared to death what are my options? any advice would be so gratefully appreciated
Get a lawyer. If you cannot afford one, speak to the public defenders office. You need serious help with your problems....
If i signed a 3 year lid, in a previous case what does that mean? do i do three years time in my new case?
this is for 5th DUI
You have provided no details and I don't really know what it is you are asking. Whether you can count prior IID?...
Driver's License Suspension Time Limits?
With regards to 13352(a)1 for a first offender, the license suspension is stated to be 6 months. However, in the same section, it states that the DMV will not reinstate a license until their program requirement has been met. (Which conceivably could take longer than 6 months to accomplish) In situations such as that, how would 13556 be applied? How long could the DMV suspend a license for in that situation and still be within the law as stated in 13556?
the first offender program is 3 months. Upon conviction, you get suspended and the DMV won't reinstate until the...