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What requirements do I have to complete to get my license back?
After my 2nd DUI, I surrendered my drivers license. I've been without it for just over 3 years now, even though I was only supposed to lose it for one year. I never got it back because I could not afford to have a breathalyzer installed in my car. Since it's been so long, will they wave the breathalyzer requirement? Do all my fines have to be paid? Do I need to show proof of a car and car insurance? (My fiance and I only have one car and it is in her name)
To learn exactly what PennDOT will require for a restoration of your license, you should request a Restoration...
Will an ARD / DUI show up on the FBI background check?
I was given ARD in September 2013 and completed everything in March 2014. The incident has been expunged on the state police criminal history and I can no longer find it on the county dockets (not showing at all - not even closed). We were recently purchased by another company and they want to take fingerprints. All of the documents that I completed asked if I was Convicted, which I answered NO. I am just concerned that this will show up on the FBI check and there could be issues with the new employer.
If you completed all of the requirements of the ARD program and the matter was properly expunged, you would not have a...
I was convicted of a DUI in New Jersey but I live in PA. Do you still need to put the interlock device in my car?
I received a DUI in NJ when I had a NJ driver license. I moved to PA and received a PA drivers license before being convicted of the DUI. Do I still need to put the interlock device in my car even though I have PA drivers license and my conviction was in NJ?
This seems like a repeat question to which sound answers were previously provided. In any event, you have two obvious...
How long does it take to hear on a non dui ARD application in Lehigh County on average?
Application was made 2 days ago and my arraignment is scheduled for next week. Will the DA have made a decision by then or will it need to be continued?
In Lehigh County there os a good chance you may not hear about your ARD application until after. I would make sure...
Can I successfully appeal a 9 year driver's license suspension, which PennDot imposed after a third DUI?
I was convicted of DUI in 2004, it resulted in ARD. In 2008 I was arrested for a 2nd DUI, and before I went to the prelim hearing for that, five weeks later, was arrested for a 3rd. I refused BAC test on both. PennDot imposed 5yrs. habitual offender suspension, 2yrs. for BAC refusals, and an additional 2 yrs. for? Reinstatement date of 2017?
Can you file an appeal? If timely, yes. Will it be successful? That depends upon a variety of factors beyond the...
Can I get my drivers license suspension dismissed for an underage drinking that happened 13 years ago??
I am a 31 year old man who lost his driving privileges when I was 17. I am eligible to recieve it back in 2018. Mainly alot of underage drinkings, dus and 2 dui's. One dui being in 2009 and the other in 1999. Anyway. I still have 2 underage drinking suspensions to serve on my drivers record, both from the year 2000. They both total 3 years of driving suspension. If I could somehow get them both expunged, than Id be eligible to recive my license in 2015. Is this possible? Do the courts and penndot ever make a special exception for such silly things that happened so long ago? I mean, we're expecting a child and I'm doing everything I can think of to get any kind of license to drive. I served 13 out of 18 years on my suspension. When will I be given a 2nd chance to drive?
I'm not optimistic that any relief can be granted. However, you should secure your full driving record from Pendot then...
I am 20, got pulled over for DUI with a .03 BAC, full time college student, can i still obtain my Physician Assistant license?
I know I am underage, I have not been called into court or anything yet. I am just terrified about my career path now. I also wanted to know if my school will find out about this and if there is anyway to get this expunged if i am charged
Since you are underage, the implications for a DUI differ from that of adults. DUI's also have an impact on health...