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DUI, CA: How hard is it to prove impairment on the DA's part in Alameda County, (oakland aka wiley)
Knowing that no FST's were done, what so ever. Only admission to drinking alcohol. BAC reading of .07 at station. Pulled over for failure to make a complete stop. With the case loads of alameda county DA's office, What's the likelihood this case would be dropped? I know that all cases are unique and it depends what the Arresting officer puts in the police report.
I assume you were charged with a DUI under VC 23152(a). If you were arrested and cited for DUI the officer will likely...
How can I find out the results of a dui blood test before I go to court?
pulled over for dui because I had to keep correcting the front end (which kept pulling to the left). Wanted to find out what I am facing before I get to Court.
Very often the best way to find the blood results is through the DMV process because off of that happens before the...
Do I answer yes or no to this question w/ respect to medical licensing if I have a recent DUI arrest (arraignment not yet held)?
Is there anything in your past history that would limit your ability to be licensed or would limit your ability to receive hospital privileges? Again, I have not had a conviction yet. Only an arrest and awaiting my arraignment.
What would you say to a patient facing an illness that could destroy his career? Would you tell that person to ask for...
Will i go to jail if i dont complete dui class?
I got a dui i completed 9 days of community service but not the classes yet
I will re-route this to criminal defense so criminal defense attorneys can answer.
How do I find out what my b.a.c. was?
I was driving, I was tired and my car kept pulling to the left so I had to keep correcting. i'd had a couple (2) drinks about four hours previously. I was released after about 10 hours.
Your lawyer will be able to tell you about chemical test results after you make your first court appearance. This is...
I have a DUI in 1999 and never completed my classes. Can I get a restricted license to work and to my classes?
I'm having trouble finding work without a license.
Your question was posted under the wrong category. To further assist you, I am reclassifying it to the DUI category,...
How long does the DA have to file my charges?
I got my first offense DUI over two months ago, my charges still haven't been filed. How long does the DA have to file the charges and is there anyway I can have them dropped after a certain amount of time of them not being filed?
The DA has a year to file misdemeanor charges. What's probably happening is that the DA is holding off filing because...