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What are they going to do to me in court for first time offense for O.W.I ?
I have to go to court April 23rd In glenwood
If this is for your initial appearance, then the magistrate will review the conditions of your bond, order a substance...
Are the California and Iowa dui statutes the same level of the law or is that a point of contention?
If you have a prior conviction for DUI in California, then you will want to have your attorney compare the statute to...
If I received and was convicted of an OWI in the state of Iowa, can I move to South Dakota?
I received an OWI in the first week of September. My Public Defender is representing me in my 2nd court date on the 20th of this month. It is my first offense. I am wondering if I am still able to move out of state to South Dakota, even if I were to be sentenced to some sort of probation with the Iowa court system.
There should be nothing preventing you from moving while the case is pending. Probation can be handled long distance...
I got a DUI 5_years ago since then my license were barred due to driving suspended why do I have to get an iid now
Since my dui I never reinstated my license due driving suspended and being barred
Though I am not an Iowa attorney, I can tell you that ignition interlock device installation is a requirement for...
20 yrs ago I got a DUI in diff.State. They took my license once and now have taken it again. How can they do that?
Was stopped in a neighboring state. Stupidly declined an attorney after talking to DA and plead guilty. Did my time and lost licence for a yr. Have paid my fines. Now they say they may revoke me permanently and that they never took my license the first time. I have asked my DA and legal aid and neither would help. I live on 400$ a month disability and can't afford an attorney so now I've already been without it again for three yrs. I live 5 miles from the nearest SMALL town (8000). And 20 from the nearest real shopping. I also found out that they originally charged me as my 3rd when it was only my 2nd and they wouldn't listen when I tried to tell the judge that. This is 20 yrs later. What can I do?
It seems you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. You would have to get a local attorney to help. In some states,...
How do i win an appeal of drivers license revocation ?
have been charged w/OWI , IN IOWA. I filed an appeal of revocation,so I'd have more than the 10days before it began, I now have a phone hearing set for 10/12/15, my license is CLASS A CDL. i need for employment.
You should contact an attorney in your area that deals with OWI/DUI. This type of attorney should be able to help you...
I got arrested for driving with a PAC in wisconsin but in Iowa they said an OWI
I am wondering because i was never charged with an OWI in Wisconsin can they charge me with and OWI in Iowa? Also was wondering what would happen with my license.
If you were arrested in WI, how is IA involved? Is the department of motor vehicles?