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Will I ever be drug screened for my diversion program?
I am in a diversion program with Hamilton Co courts in Indiana for charges involving a hit-and-run on property damages in Carmel earlier this year. I have recently completed all of my requirements (community service, defensive driving course) and received my letter saying that I no longer need to do my monthly check-ins. I am in the program until July 2017. I was never drug tested upon entering the program and I was just wondering if I will ever be tested? I wasn't sure if testing was a requirement of my case because my charges weren't drug/substance related, but just to be safe I stopped smoking. Any insight would be much appreciated!
Congrats on stopping your smoking habit! Your lungs will thank you in the long run. As far as being drug screened, it...
How do I get my license back when I am a lifetime suspension
I have 3 lifetime suspension. And I need a hardship license for work
Depending why your license is suspended you may be eligible for specialized driving privileges. You'll need to consult...
I 'm a htv with a life suspension my last dui was in 2008 can I get my hardship license. I heard there was a new law in Indiana
I've had several dui's in my lifetime and haven't had a drink or driven a vehicle since 2008, like I've said im a htvouple times over with a lifetime suspension , I've started my own business building custom cabinets and really need some type of a license so I get back and forth to meet customers. I have my future wife to run me around and its can be embarraseeing not to mention the stress I put on her, so if somebody can help me out with this bad situation it would be greatly appreciated, Thank you for answering my question, Kenneth w, miller Anderson Indiana.
This is a terrible predicament to find yourself in especially given that you have started a business and need to drive...
The judge reduce my class D Felony OWI to an class A Misdemeanor after the completion of probation, am I still a felon?
I had to write a letter to the judge, he in return sent it to the state. I received a letter from the judge saying it was reduced to a misdemeanor.
You'll need to send the order as well Asa copy of the chronological case summary to the Indiana State Police Records...
I have an OWI charge against me in Indiana. How do I go about negotiating a plea agreement prior to my court date?
Blew a .12, charged with Misdemeanor A (endangerment since I was speeding and took a corner too fast).
You don't, unless the deal is to plead guilty to the OWI. Probably not then, either. Prosecutors usually do not get...
Do i need an attorney for an OWI
i am a 29 year old male. i have not been arrested for the past 12 years. when i was a juvenile i was arrested on a misdemeanor charge but my record was supposedly expunged a year later. i was pulled over the other night for having a headlight out and i had been drinking that evening. my breath test came back at .16% BAC. exactly twice the legal limit in indiana . now note that i am 6 foot 4 and about 240 pounds so drinks dont tend to have as much of an affect on me as they do on much smaller people. so while my BAC was quite high, i had spread those drinks over several hours and was not what i call "drunk". i have spoken to an attorney but have not paid him yet . he did not make me think he could help alot with my case but i really dont have any knowledge of the legal system. basically i am wondering if i should spend the money on an attorney because i know i am going to lose my license and my job requires me to drive customers vehicles so if i dont have a license, i cannot work or make any money. i am fine with being on probation and i am okay with taking a short class of some sort, hopefully not one that will cost more than a few hundred dollars. a friend of mine recently got a DUI and he claims that while in court he saw several people who had the same charge but had not hired an attorney end up with the same sentence as him after he paid alot for one. and he went to the same court as i am. so i am wondering what are my chances of getting a lesser sentence if i hire a lawyer? i hate to pay a guy $650 for him to make a few calls and not much else. he claims that the court/judge i am to see is a very strict one who does not like to work with attorneys much. any help you can give would be great , thanks.
One of the things and attorney can obtain for you is a conditional license. That license allows you to serve a 30 day...
Can you get a new Public Defender if yours isn't representing you correctly?
My boyfriend has had 3 duis and was scheduled for jury trial last month. When we got there, there wasn't a trial, only the judge asking what he plead. His PD told him to plead guilty to the intial charge and the Habitual offender charge. My boyfriend did not want to do this but his PD basically told him he would be better off this way than to take it to trial. The issue is, he was on probation at the time of his arrest for his 3rd dui, so was taken back to jail. While he was in jail he was given a plea agreement of 4 yrs, do 2 in prison. His PD never showed this plea agreement to him therefore he never got to sign it. They also extended it, PD never told him. Now hes looking at 11 yrs-w/no plea and wants a new PD. His sentencing date is in a week. What can he do? This isn't fair at all.
He can request a new public defender. It will be up to the court whether or not he is granted a new one. Most likely,...