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Do dui transfer from Wyoming to California ?
Plz let me know
the answer is that the Wyoming to you I will show up in California all states are hooked into it was called the...
How can i get. Dismissed dui removed from my DMV REPORTS
I had 3 dui arrest s one in 98 2009 and 2013 however 98 and 2013 were set aside both were arguable. And were dismiss . i also did a requirments for my dui in 2009 but i pulled my record myself and i asked for 10 yrs. But got 98 it 2016!!!! So im sure some else seen it. I was so upset that first it goes so far back then it is faint or evasive about dismissals. But how can i get them 2 dui removed.
The 10 years is a priorability look-back period. Just means they can't be used prior offended, but they will always...
How do I know if the DA will drop a DUI case in investigation status, (no arrest, ticket or charges yet)?
I was involved in a single car accident, blew one breathalyzer slightly over the limit, second was under. No blood test was taken. I was not arrested or cited, police officer said I was lucky, there wasn't enough to arrest me but he would hand it over to the DA for review. Since there are no witnesses or other evidence I can think of I don't think this will go anywhere but the uncertainty is torture. Will I be notified in someway if the case is simply rejected? Is this something a local attorney would be able to help me find out? Thank you!
Recommend you contact a local criminal defense attorney in Sacramento. The DA has up to one year from the date of...
Will my Juvenile DUI be used against me in court? If so what can I do to have my license ASAP?
When I was 17 I got a DUI as a juvenile and minor, my bday is (06/08/94) my date of accident was (05/06/12). I have completed all court and DMV requirements. I recently made a huge mistake and got pulled over resulting in my 2nd DUI (04/25/16) I am now 21. I work six days a week and am scheduled to attend school this coming semester.
Get an attorney immediately to deal with this anf the DMV .
Can I move and do the dui first offender program in NC?
My case was dui, I tried to fight it but ended up taking the deal, now I want to move to NC with my family but I have dui class I must take for 3months,
You can move and do a program there, but the CA DMV will be a nightmare when it comes to getting your license...
Do DU Checkpoint Locations must say street names?
The last one DO they have to Say the Street Locations As The US Supreme court and California Supreme court rules for Valid DUI supervising officers must make all operational decisions; the criteria for stopping motorists must be neutral; the checkpoint must be reasonably located; adequate safety precautions must be taken; the checkpoint's time and duration should reflect “good judgment”; the checkpoint must exhibit sufficient indicia of its official nature; drivers should be detained a minimal amount of time; and roadblocks should be publicly advertised in advance.
Typically, when announcing a DUI checkpoint, the specific street name does not have to be provided to the public.
Would that 18month override and finish off my first offense since I needed 3 more months? Where do I go? Court or dmv for info?
I received my first offense in 2001 in Sacramento. Court signed me a 3 month DUI classes and needed a breathalyzer if I plan on driving again. After I finished that, DMV said that I needed 3 more months because I blew .16. I moved to a differently city and didn't complete my first offense. It's 2016, I got my second offense in a different county Merced. I need to do 18 month program now.
I am not familiar with an "eighteen month override." You will be charged with a first-time DUI again, as more than ten...