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I was convicted of a drug charge in 2008 n my CDL was disqualified is there a way I can get it back ,
I was caught with drugs in an 18 wheeler in January 2008 but I was sentenced in February 2009 why was CDL disqualified I plead quilty in March 2008 n the law had passed in July 2008 I want to know if there is a way to get it back truck driving is my life , I know I did something wrong but I learned from it n I paid the price for it
I am not licensed in Texas. Check with a licensing attorney in Texas about regaining your CDL in Texas now that you...
How much would it cost to get a DWI expunged from your record? Is an attorney needed?
I paid all my probation and court fees in full early and even got early dismissal from my probation the offense happened nearly 2 years ago.
You cannot get a dwi expunged sorry. Not even non disclosure is available.
I violated pretrial. I'm on probation for a different county. There is a warrant for the pretrial county. Both DWI. WHAT happens
Will I be arrested for the pre trial county warrent when reporting to my probation county?
When you have an outstanding warrant, you run the risk of being arrested whenever you come across LawEnforcement. Hire...
My ex gf got caught on dwi with her child. Resistant arrest. And 2 more charges how long can she be in jail
Even if she get bail bond will she still face jail time? Or can they take her child away they said she was on dwi with her child on board but her mom picked up the little girl will she get her back or will the judge put cps on her..
State jail up to two years. the other charges depends if they are misdemeanors then 6months to one year. They can try...
My blood test results came out negative and got held for a night even after blowing a zero. Can I file charges?
I was in a hurry on the way to college due to taking care of responsibilities for the household and was going to be 30 mins late to class. I went 15 miles over a 30 mile speed limit and got pulled over by an officer and had multiple field tests including a breathalyzer after being under suspicion of DWI/DUI and got arrested and been detained from morning to the next morning. Can I file charges?
You may want to take care of the criminal charges first. Locate an experienced criminal defense lawyer in your area,...
How, if possible, can I reinstate my lifetime suspended cdl license?
I was caught, convicted and served 2 years in prison for possession with intent. I used a commercial vehicle and that's why the suspension. This happened back in Nov of 2010. I had a DWI back in 2007 and nothing else on my license. Any way of getting it back?
If there's any chance at all of getting it back you're going to have to have the assistance of an experienced motor...
I have misdemeanor probation and got a dwi recently im out on bond
Im in probation for possesion of controled substance and i was goin ti all my probation and evrything but last week i got a dwi i was sent to county jail got lucky and got out on bond.what will happen next i havent reported whit my po nor called him he called me today telling me he needs to see me what should i do what will happen
You do have problems then. And no you were not lucky, you simply had some time. It would be unlikely that your PO...