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My boyfriend got in a car wreck driving with revoked license and he's already been to jail once for this wil he go again?
He's been caught 5 times already for driving with revoke licenses and he just got out of jail last year and got caught 8 months later.
It certainly is possible since it doesnt seem like he has learned his lesson. He definitely should consult an attorney...
I have 5 DWI's hibutual status I done 2 prison sentences and I was wondering if I will ever be able to get back my license ?
I've done treament I have over 3 years clean I continue to do a 12 step program .I do not know what to do is there a possibility in any form I can get my license back .I realize I'm hibutual status with 5 DWI's and 2 prison sentences.however I'm a mother of 7 trying my best to live right and be a productive member of Society ...
There is but it won't be as fast or as easy or cheap as I know you'd like. When was your last conviction? Do you live...
I have a dwi charge from 2014 and i need to know what can i do to get this behind me ive completed a 2yr treatment program
So this case is from 2014 ive been in treatment for 2yrs the time of the court date i was in treatment completed the program but i still have this hanging over my head im just ready to get this behind me
Did your charge occur in Alamance County? Did you ever go to court for the charge? If you did not, then there will be...
Gott A dui in 2009 dont have licences yet think i have to take2hrs class is that true
How Many Hours Are Need For one dui and its been7/8 years. Since
Doesn't matter how long it's been since you were convicted All who are convicted of DWI in NC must have an alcohol...
How many times can an arresting officer fail to show for a DWI case in NC? Case has been continued 4 times in 15 months.
DWI case continued 4 times in 15 months because officer fails to show for various reasons. Can the case be dismissed after a certain number of no shows by the arresting officer?
Have you asked your lawyer? What does your lawyer say? Are you trying to represent yourself? Did you take a breath...
I am taking the blood thinner coumadin and I want to know how often is my physician required to see me. Not the blood test.
My doctor went 2 years without seeing me. I get blood test at least month but usually more often and I am given instructions by the secretary. Is the subscribing doctor required to see me in person more often than 2 years?
And you posted this as a "DUI & DWI" question why?
How to get an open container charge thrown out or dismissed??
I was stopped at a traffic stop and had an beer opened but full the officer poured out the beer tested my sobriety, searched my vehicle and let me go. I was not drunk and merely just opened it to take it home how likely am i to get it dismissed or should I just pay it off or hire a lawyer?
Open container charges are treated like DWI's if you're convicted- meaning an alcohol assessment + treatment as...