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How do I go about finding a lawyer for a boating BUI in Peoria, IL?
There was a sting operation with DNR at the boat ramp. After my boat was loaded and on the trailer, a DNR officer approached me and asked to inspect my boat. I told him sure and my boat passed inspection (life jackets, fire extinguisher, etc). It was close to dusk and I didn't have my navigation lights on when loading. I told the officer that they didn't work and that's why I was loading the boat now, to get off the water before dark. The officer asked me to follow him, assuming I was getting a citation for the navigation lights, I did. I was asked to perform the heel/toe test. I did so with out problems. The officer asked me to stand on one foot and I said no, I'm not balanced enough to stand on one foot in any situation. He performed the eye test with light, he stated my eye twitched slightly. He then asked me to do a blow test, I asked to call my lawyer. I live in the state of iowa. The lawyer I called recommended I decline the blow test. I did. I also started video taping. There were issues with the battery not working on the blow test, 45 minutes later, they issued me a ticket. I need to find a lawyer in the Peoria area to represent me. Thank you
While this is not a help wanted board, you can locate many qualified attorneys to represent you by clicking on the Find...
I got a DUI for the smell of pot in my car. I've never been in trouble before. What's most likely going to happen?
I was driving and the police pulled me over for no tail lights. When they walked up to the window they smelled pot and checked the car and didn't find anything. I did the testing the officers asked me to do and I failed because for one I couldn't hear I didn't have my hearing aid and fail a one min leg stand after that they arrested me
HIRE an Illinois lawyer ! In WA., you can be pulled over for a taillight. The smell of MJ + plus some other indicia of...
4th dui in Illinois is there a new law where the 4th is not a lifetime ban on getting a license in Illinois?
4th dui in Illinois is there a new law to take effect jan 2016 where it is not a lifetime revocation if not and it is lifetime does Illinois put an ineligible on my getting a drivers license? ie going to another state to get a license
YES ! The law changes in 2016. If you have 4 DUI convictions you previously had a lifetime revocation. With the new law...
Driving permit requirements
3rd dui of course my license will be revoked I know. my question is according to the conversation I had with a local hearing officer I would be eligible to try and at least get a restricted driving permit. I know I will need to have a blow machine in my vehicle but in real world terms how long am I looking at to get relief and what is the state going to require for a formal hearing. sorry for the long winded question
I am attaching a link to the Secretary of State's requirements for an administrative hearing. Assuming that you do not...
Where to I go to Alcohol school to reinstate my Driver's License?
I received a DUI in Illinois but I have a California driver's license.I am presently on a work project in Illinois which will last 6 months. Am I required to satisfy reinstating my suspension in California or can I complete it in Illinois?
Your inquiry is confusing. If you received a DUI in Illinois, you should complete your requirements in Illinois. You...
I have a petition to review on the petition to revoke from a DUI case in 2004. It has been 11 years so how does this effect me?
Got a DUI in 2004 and agreed to a plea. I did not meet the requirements and then missed court dates. I was picked up on the warrant and bonded out in Cook County. What does this exactly mean, is this a hearing or does this mean I am going straight to jail? The original plea was a mistake because my original lawyer did not show up and was forced into a terrible plea. Does the revoke mean the plea of guilty is thrown out and I can plead not guilty?
Your fact pattern is confusing and therefore impossible to answer. However, you would be far better served by...
Crimes and offenses or fines possibly for host of underage drinking house parties
If i am having an outdoors but on my own property house party without a parents consent and i am also an underage host also under the consumption of alcohol not extremely drunk but buzzed what are all the consequences possible of this action. Does it vary upon how many people or amount of alcohol and drugs are there? If everyone leaves before the cops get there will i get in more or less trouble? I just want to know all of the consequences possible. Please let me know.
You are looking for loopholes that do not exist. Witnesses mount. Evidence accumulates. You have no outs. Simply...