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  • Obese 450lb limo driver who ate FIVE fast food drive...

    Thursday Sep 22 | via Daily Mail 

    Brad Pitt 'investigated for child abuse after allegedly getting physical with his children while wasted on private jet' - but LAPD deny there is a criminal investigation 'She's crazy, but I still love her': Brad Pitt wanted one more chance with Angelina Jolie but brands her female friends a 'coven' and feels like she has been brainwashed EXCLUSIVE: 'She hasn't got many people left in her life': Angelina Jolie's estranged relative gives rare glimpse into star's bizarre childhood... and says they'll never reconcile White House staffer's email hacked revealing secret service plans, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton's private schedules and even Michelle Obama's PASSPORT EXCLUSIVE: NYPD Special Victims Unit launches investigation into Anthony Weiner after DailyMail.com reveals he had an on-line sexting relationship with 15-year-old girl Anthony Weiner's former online mistress says revelations he ... (more)


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  • Elmont Metro PCS store robbed twice by Queens man, c...

    Saturday Sep 3 | via Newsday 

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Elmont Law

I failed an ignition interlock test does this mean jail
I was on my way to church and took two interlock tests and failed them and then just gave up and walked to church. I had been taking cold medicine the day before and that morning it honestly didn't cross my mind before that. I called my PO and left a message since it's a Sunday. I am on 3 year probation about a year and a half in. I served a 5 day jail sentence I am just really nervous and want to know what I should do now and what to expect
The judge will be notified that you failed an interlock test and it is possible that he or she could revoke your...
Probation Reduction is it possible ?
I am currently on probation for a misdemeanor DWI in Nassau county, I stumbled across articles about probation reduction and was curious as to how that worked I have served 1 year ( as of November ) of a 3 year probation sentence. I understand that according to most articles I should wait until I am halfway through my probation. Considering that I am employed, have never violated probation or failed any drug test I have been given is this a sensible thing for me to ask my probation officer about ? Secondly do I need an attorney to file such a request with the court and should it be the same attorney who defended me during the DWI ?
Yes and yes. Ask your PO and find yourself a criminal defense attorney to put the motion together for you. Good luck.
What post-sentence relief can be pursued?
Son was restored to probation and ordered to attend a drug program for marijuana use after being violated for not reporting and arrested for driving with a suspended license. In a recent court appearance the Judge resentencing him to 6 months to jail because the program reported him positive for marijuana and he received a desk ticket for possession of marijuana because a friend, not him was observed rolling a joint while sitting in his car. The Friend submitted an affidavit stating it was him with the marijuana as the cops saw him rolling it, but gave the ticket to my son instead. The Judge said the affidavit can be used to address the desk ticket but he was being resentenced because of the 3 positive tests for marijuana. Days after he was sentenced the program called to find out where he was, I told them he was resentenced because of the positive urine tests. They advised me all the urine tests were light positive meaning residual marijuana still in his system from the time he started the program and not a recurrence of new Marijuana use as the THC levels were very low. What can be done to get him out of jail and before the Nassau County Judge that sentenced him?
Call the attorney who represented him ASAP and get a letter from the treatment facility. It could be that the 4 months...
How long does a DA have to notify you of a grand jury indictment?
Was pulled over in Nassau County on my to work for no seat belt.. license had been suspended the day of for failure to pay 3rd year of DWI responsibility fee... based on that officer asked if I had been drinking, had not (10 am on my way to work). Brought me to station blew 0.0 asked me to submit to blood test.. after discussion with my lawyer (had used cocaine 72 hours earlier) submitted to test.. was chargedefinetly with DWI drugs (felony) bmc of prior... 6 months later test comes back DA says there were metabolites (no other details) but had not used any other drugs.. case went to Grand jury 4 weeks ago... haven't heard anything at all.. any idea how long it takes them to inform you of indictment or no true bill? Don't have another court date pending these results.. appreciate any opinions
Speak with your attorney. Are you sure the case was presented to a GJ? They have 6 months to indict you from when...
Can a 2002 conviction of a DWAI Alcohol VTL 1192 SUB 01 (in NY) be expunged? It shows up on my FBI report.
I was arrested in NY in 2002 and given a Charge 1 - NYSVTL 1192.2 Driving While Intoxicated. In 2002, the court convicted me of the following charge (I plead guilty): DWAI Alcohol VTL 1192 SUB 01 INFR. I want to verify: I was technically CONVICTED "Minor Traffic Infraction," correct? I do not have to indicate on job applications that I was convicted of a DWI, correct? And is there any way to get this expunged from my record? There is nothing else on my record. I now live in PA and know this is able to be done there. Sincere thanks.
DWAI is a traffic infraction not a crime. Nowhere does it say minor There is no expungement in New York except in very...
Are they different look back periods with dmv ? What is a unclassified dwi?
I was offerd that on my 3rd?
I suggest you review the information at: https://dmv.ny.gov/tickets/penalties-multiple-offenders Felonies and...
I was arrested in Nassau for a Dwi and blew a .21. My vehicle was seized and I was arrested. Is there a way to get my car back?
In April I went on a dinner date and had a few social drink. I didn't make a full stop at the stop sign and the cops pulled me over while dropping my date off. They asked me to do a breathalyzer test and I cooperated. I blew a .21 over the limit. I had a brand new leased car which was seized on the scene (still impounded) and I was arrested overnight. I took went away to rehab on my own. Recently obtained a conditional license. I have a Dwi charge 10.6 years ago on my records but with that one I refused the breathalyzer. Since it was that long ago it makes this second one I was told this second one won't be considered a felony.
Hire an attorney immediately to try and negotiate a settlement or fight the seizure. The fact that its a lease hurts...