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What kind of penalty can a person get if he has 2 suspension a revoke for a dui in 1990 but did a yr in county
Jail and just got a ticket a wk ago for agg unlicense in the 3rd
It is tough to answer this question without reading the police report, knowing which courthouse this case will be in...
What is the pentaly for a person that never held any. Valid ny state drivers license but has a dwi conviction in 1990 and did a
Yr in county jail and then just got a ticket for agg unlicense in the 3rd and he was told by the officer. That his license was revolke
I am not licensed to practice in New York, however, I think a New York criminal defense attorney will have a tough time...
DWAI-drug NY State
I got pulled over the beginning of January because I didn't have my headlights on and the car smelled like marijuana. Got arrested for DWAI-drugs, taken to get blood drawn, the usual. Yesterday, I got a call saying I had to go to the police station the next day (today) at 10 pm so I could get a mugshot, fingerprints, and tickets because my blood test came back positive blah blah blah. A friend of mine's brother is a sheriff and told me 2 months ago that if I didn't get any tickets the night of the incident then I was scott-free. I can NOT afford a lawyer but something about this doesn't seem right, what is going to happen when I go to the station tonight?
There isn't requirement that you be arrested on the spot, although that is the usual case. I would assume that if the...
How can a person with no driver license get a ticket for being revoked
Yes a friend of mine got pulled over never had a valid drivers license but had a dwi back in 1990 and the officer said that on his driveing record that it was revoked
Even without a license a person's driving privilege can be revoked for a DWI conviction. Driving with privilege revoked...
Can a statement taken from a victim be dismissed in a court, if the victim was intoxicated at the time of giving the statement?
In a domestic violence situation, the victim was intoxicated for many days prior to the "incident" and there after.. can the statement she gave police be dismissed? And if so, how can we use it against her in a court of law?
Was the statement false? Intoxication can ruin the credibility of the witness in court but it's hardly illegal.
I have just been deemed a persistently dangerous driver by nys. do i have any chance? should i follow through with extenuating
i have a refusal in 1989, dwai in 2011, and a dwi in 2012. most serious beind a misdameanor. these all took place before the new regulations in ny were instated. i was sentenced to a six month revocation, 1 year intoxalok, and 75 hours community service. i have completed all of this and paid my dues. i have been without license now for 18 months. My life is being ruined. i have had a job for the last fifteen years with same company and work rotating shifts. no public tranportation available. they wont give me conditional. i am married with two great children. i am also unable to even pick them up from school. i was found not to have a drinking problem by nys evaluation and currently do not drink at all. this is not fair .ser
This is unfortunate and you need to contact an experienced attorney who handles these specific matters with the DMV....
I have been charged with misdemeaner reckless driving and driving w/ability impared by drug and failure to keep right (traffic i
infraction.i have prior convictions of dwai's ,2,and a felony charge of criminal possesion of a forged instrument.all more than ten years ago.the 'drugs'i was on are my own legal scrips, both are controlled substances.my questions are ;does it help if i get a favorable justice because there are three in this court and one is a personal family friend and another i am on good terms with due to our sons playing hockey together , the third is known to be a hard ass.what might the outcome be for me , can i use a public defender?the traffic stop was due to an anonomous call.i was taken to hospital for blood tests and failed the field sobriety tests.i was polite throughout the process and probably appeared to be "high".they impounded my car but let me go home after about an hour.
You do not get to choose your judge and in your case, you may get the bad one by default as the other 2 may cite a...