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Last night, my girlfriend and I were rear ended by a intoxicated off-duty police officer and he ran from the scene...
Last night, my girlfriend and I were rear ended by a intoxicated off-duty police officer and he fled approximated 1/2 mile from the scene before his vehicle stalled out. The officer was arrested for DUI and "hit and run". Also my girlfriend was taken to the hospital by an ambulance and I was driven to the same hospital after questioning and a statement at the police precinct. Also my vehicle was later claimed to be "totalled". I just wanted to hear some experts advice on my delicate situation at hand and find out what would be the possible spectrum of minimal and maximized judgements? (ie. insurance, personal lawsuits, and etc.)
The delicate situation is the one the off-duty police officer now finds himself in. Also, he is the one who needs...
Can I sue lap-corp for mishandling my specimen test, losing it causing me to get terminated?
I went to take a specimen test at lapcorp on 9/29/16, after completed the nurse gave me a form in which I gave my supervisor, after being informed she gave me the wrong form I went back for a chain of custody form when I asked for the correct form, she couldn't pull anything on me. My test my results my urine after she said she does remember me taking the test. She ask me the day I came I asked her to look at my sign in sheet for 9/29/16 she told me a fib and said all sign ins where mailed out. When I went the next day to speak to a supervisor, the supervisor pulled the sheets out from a back office, seen the day I came & took the test. What happened to my specimen test???
I have no idea what you're trying to ask as your fact pattern got a little confusing halfway through. But what would...
Are you legally allowed to live in a hotel?
How can you put the address as your mailing address on your drivers liscense? In a homeless shelter arrangement or just in general.
No you are not........................
Can I still get my NYC drivers license with 4 DWI's on my record. After I pay all my fines?
I have 4 DWI's 2 are non-violent misdemeanor And two are non-violent D-felonies I have all 4 states f them within the 10yrs period I want to get my license back What are my chances. Can I still get it?
Contact NY DMV to see if you're eligible for a license.
Am trying to get a tlc license but am a little bit skeptical about it since I was arrested 3 years ago for a misdemeanor charge.
I was arrest and served 5 days community service and 1 year probation. Can I still qualify for the license? In New York
You can do 1 of 2 things - retain counsel to review the licensing requirements and your background to see if you are...
Can geico counter sue me if they find out I was drunk from my medical records?
I got into a car accident no one was injured besides myself and my car. The police showed up and didn't give me a breathalyzer. The police report doesn't mention anything about me being "drunk" however the hospital records indicate they took my blood and it was a .123 my question is if I sue my Insudance for uninsured driver since I got hit and the car ran, can they counter sue me for my hospital bills / car if they find out I was drunk?
I suggest you contact an Avvo personal injury attorney ASAP before it is too late.
Are desk appearance tickets given for aggravated reckless driving or if one of the charges is dwi or aggravated dwi?
Pulled over breathalyzed and arrested in queens. Somewhat quickly was given a desk appearance ticket so did not see a judge. I know how serious this is and extremely stressed and disappointed in my actions.
It is rare for a DAT to be given for DWI in New York City. Usually a person stopped for DWI in the city, unless...