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If I am asked to do a drug test should I tell them no until I consult with an attorney , are they legally allowed to force me ?
An accusation was made and cps case working came to my home , questioned my child and looked through my house . They advised me I had to go tomorrow to take a hair and pee test . Do I have to or should I say no and consult an attorney
When in doubt, consult with an attorney. However, it's not clear if you are under court order right now via a pre-...
What are legal things i can do to protect my child until 18 from her currently jailed for the 3rd(4th really) dui father?
I had a boyfriend that wasnt any good, but being 2 young & stupid I didnt run away fast enough. I found out i was pregnant w/my daughter Alayna in late 2011 so i thought I'd try & make it work.. i thought he would grow up & actually get/keep a job. I was wrong! Right b4 havin the baby in july 2012 he was in jail 3months because he had a warrant out because he had been hiding out after his 3rd dui . They made him a plea deal & brought the charge down. My grandma has been providing 4 alayna & I our whole lives. I finally left him after many times of him choking & hitting me infront of our daughter, the drugs/alcohol etc. He didnt have much 2 do w/ our daughter while together even! If Igo after child support he would fight me for custody/visitations out of spite. I decided it was not worth risking my daughters safety by being forced to stay with her alcholic dad & his alcoholic family. I cant even imagine having to drop my daughter off with them people. Id be scared to death because they arent capable of looking after her being drunk, drugged, or passed out all the time . The little $ I'd get from him is NOT worth it, but because i wouldnt do it the state blocked my Medicaid.
An attorney could help you obtain child support while obtaining a custody judgment that would protect your daughter.
How do i get my daughter back from CPS in Louisiana.
I was arrested for possession of schedule 2 narcotics as soon as I got out of jail 2 Days Later I immediately went and checked myself into rehab I've been in Rehabilitation for substance abuse for 2 months passing a drug test and had a mental health evaluation and I go to court for a trial and a couple days I'm wanting to know any information that might be helpful.
As harsh as it may seem, you need to wait until the criminal matter is resolved before you worry about the CPS matter....
Can I lose my kids for testing positive for THC?
CPS gave me a urine and hair test. My urine sample was negative, but I know my hair will test positive for THC.
since none of us lawyers work for cps or have your case there is no way to tell.
I was sentenced 2 years probation and 6 months jail time 3 suspended ended up doing 45 days haven't got ged what will happen
What will happen when my 2 years is up I've done my anger management classes and I pay and see my po every month on time
Get your GED. I would not think your jail time or anger management classes will prevent this at all. Good luck to you.
If i blew a .18 is there a mandatory jail sentence that cant be waived by the judge?
I am 25 and I was arrested in shrevport louisiana for a dwi.
You need to contact a local attorney to help you with this matter. .18 is more than double the legal limit so the...
19 year old was charged with DWI. No prior convictions. need legal advice.
Officers had report of burglary in area. Our 19 year old crossed over the railroad tracks too fast, so they pulled him over as a suspect. They smelled alcohol present. He was sent to sub station for a breath test where he failed, not sure by how much. Officers told us he was borderline at the initial call. He was booked in jail after failing breath test. He has no prior convictions. please send legal advice.
Best possible legal advice - hire a criminal attorney ASAP