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If I have not been convicted for my dui yet, will my ticket for driving while suspended effect my DUI case?
I blew 3 times over at the beginning of the year. We are still in proceedings to work out the details of my sentencing. I was pulled over and ticketed for driving while suspended. Will this change the outcome of my criminal dui charge? Will the prosecuting attorney be notified of my driving while suspended ticket? Will my license be suspended longer? Clearly I just cost myself more money but I'm trying to find out if my sentences in either case will be heavier
Not likely. ......................................
Got a dui. Cop got forced to quit from there and another station. Didn't show to my dl hearing got dismissed Willthey dismiss it
Cop got forced to quit the police station which he worked at when He gave me my dui. Found out he was forced to quit the sheriffs department before for the same thing inappropriate conduct. My dl hearing got dismissed because he didn't show. If I take it to trial will it get dismissed?
I think the question that you are asking is, "If the law enforcement officer fails to attend at my criminal DUI TRIAL,...
Will my license be suspended after DUI diversion despite administrative hearing cancellation by the DMV?
I was arrested for DUI/Breath Refusal a few months ago. Before I was able to have the Administrative hearing, the DMV mailed back my license with a letter saying the hearing was cancelled because the arresting officer filled out the incorrect paperwork. I'm set to enter into a diversion agreement for the charges and I'm hearing conflicting information concerning what will happen to my license. My lawyer says my license will not be suspended by the DMV for the diversion, however the probation officer says when the DMV is notified of the diversion they will suspend me even though they originally dropped the administrative hearing. Can or will the DMV make another attempt at suspending my driving privileges?
Your lawyer is correct. You can be suspended for a DUI in two ways. The first is administratively. That is known as...
What are typical conditions of a diversion program in Johnson County, Kansas? & is there any way my lawyer can negotiate them?
I was arrested for possession of marijuana & paraphernalia. I am seeking diversion, as I have no prior criminal history of any sort. I attend college full time an hour away from Johnson County. I've heard that random urinary analyses are mandatory as a stipulation of their diversion. I have not signed a contract yet & I'm wondering if there is a way to negotiate the "random" part of the UA? I don't mind giving them UA's. Time is the biggest concern. I have tested negative for marijuana (& anything else) on all of the pre-drug tests they have asked for. I have completed their requested evaluation & I've completed the class that was suggested. I'm worried that since I have class+plus labs, from 8am-5pm, 4x/week (w/no more than 50min. between each), since their testing facility is an hour away/UA's random (I'd need at LEAST 2 hours to get there & back), that I will either have to skip 2+ classes (not ideal -I'd really like a degree), or I'd have to skip the UA & risk getting kicked off diversion (also not ideal -I'd really like a job after I graduate). I sincerely want to please the courts & satisfy the terms set, but I have no idea what to do about this!! Any advice???
Talk with your attorney about these issues. He knows all the particulars about your case. You hired him and he should...
Do I have a case, I was helping my intoxicated friend out of a bar and we were both arrested.
At closing time I walked into a bar to give my best friend his blood monitor as he is diabetic (honest truth) saw he was way too drunk and tried to get him out of three bar. The bouncer threw him out of the door, I proceeded to push him through the outside crowd. He tripped, in offered a hand and heloped him up. At that time we were both arrested by officers waiting outside the bar. We were charged with disorderly conduct/fighting. We both were arrested and not breatalyzed. The truth is I will accept my punishment if I was fighting, but that honestly wasnot the case. I was just trying to distance myself drunken friend from the crowd to get him calmed down.
Disorderly conduct is defined as brawling or fighting with knowledge or probable cause to believe such action would...
Does a Kansas DUI Diversion need to be listed on a State of Arizona Application for employment? It asks for convictions....
I am confused by the language of the Arizona application for employment, in reference to DUI's it states: "Crime" as used in this section means any and all felonies, misdemeanors and serious driving offenses including, but not limited to, driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor ("DUI") or drugs, extreme DUI, or any other driving offense that is a misdemeanor. "Convicted" means you have been found guilty of a crime by a court or jury, or have pleaded guilty or nolo contendere ("no contest") to a crime and have been sentenced for a crime, whether imprisoned, incarcerated, placed on probation, fined or received a suspended sentence. Kansas has a pretrial diversion program which means the charges are dropped after you complete their prescribed actions. So I know that my case was dropped and I was not convicted but are they using conviction in the strictest sense of the word or a broader definition. Obviously I don't want to put my DUI on my application unless I have to, but also don't want to be disqualified for being "dishonest". To see the application look here: http://www.hr.az.gov/PDF/Application_For_Employment_06_16_16.pdf
This question was asked earlier. Again you are not stating whether or not they ask if you have been charged. Best...
Can I be charged with a dui when no sobriety/drug test was executed?
I was pulled over almost 3 yeard ago. Car smelt like marijauna and theu said my eyes were red so they searched it and found 1lb of synthetic marijuana/k2 (which they swore it was pot) in the trunk. They took me to the station, took my phone and $2500 i had on me, realized it wasnt weed and let me go that night. Several months later i recieve a letter saying they seized $900 from me ─║so whered the rest of my money go? No mention of phone) 30 months pass and they issue a warrant and arrest me. The complaint they gave me says, Count 1: that on or about july 30 2016 (the incident happened oct. 2015) i possesed with intent to distribute k2. Count 2 DUI. But they never haf me do field test, no breathilizer, no drug test . How can i be charged for dui? Wheres the rest my money and phone? Why are they so far off on the date in the complaint? Whats statue of limitations for these charges?
All good questions. You need to contact criminal defense attorneys in your area to plan a defense. Good luck to you