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Can I sue for tripping over something in someones yard covered in snow even though I was intoxicated
I believe he has it on his security cameras
You can sue. The issues are whether the item was a tripping and whether the owner had actual or constructive notice it...
In NY State can an alcohol related conviction ever be deemed void if the town court fails to process the conviction with DMV?
Conviction of DUI on 1/9/14. License suspended for 90 days. Attend Drinking Driving Program and obtain conditional license. As of this date, 2/10/14, Court has yet to process the conviction with the Dept. of Motor Vehicles, therefore DMV can't give conditional license because the conviction has yet to reach their system.
This is not a basis to void a conviction in Town Court.
I am looking for information concerning entering Canada from US with DWAI conviction from NYS
I had a DWAI 10 year ago in NYS (not a misdemeanor or felony). I officially got my license back in October 2004. I want to know when I can enter Canada again and what, if any, paperwork I need to copmlete or bring with me to assure entry into the country.
Best option: speak with a Canadian lawyer who understands Canadian law. Since this is a US site for US lawyers,...
I'm on probation for my 3rd DUI, no violations, all court ordered requirements completed. Can I get my license back much earlier
My sentence is 5 years. I have a child and need to be able to get him to my sisters and back so that I can work. I was told if I have no violations I can get off in 2 1/2 years. I won't make it that long. I've passed all drug test.
Unfortunately many of these questions depend on the situation and your complete background. Without that info an...
NYS. My 20 Year Old Son, got stop and charged with a DWI- BAC 0.11. Speeding 69 in 55. What charges penalties will there be?
NYS. My 20 Year Old Son, got stop and charged with a DWI- BAC 0.11. Speeding 69 in 55. What charges & penalties will there be? Also, not dimming his bright lights/fog lights. Also, he is covered under our family insurance. How much will this effect our insurance premiums and/or will the insurance company drop us. No previous convictions with my son. He went to court last night, and it got adjourned, so he can obtain a public defender.
The attorney who ends up representing your son will be in a much better position to give you a guess as to how this...
I have to have an interlock put on my car and my husband is the one who got the dwi. its my car titled registered and insured. a
because hes in my household is why i do. hes off probation. why am i being punished. his driving priviages are revolked for a year so i will be the only one blowing into it.
I have heard that other states have these types of interlock requirements, which make absolutely no sense. If he had an...
Should I admit to everything in court?
I dont usually ever drink. I got in a car with some people, and they were drinking in the car. Driver was sober. I had 2 sips of the drink, to see how it tasted. I dont usually drink, so I guess my tolerance is really low, and it ended up showing positive on the breath test (though it was really low, either 0.01 or 0.02). We all initially lied at first and said there was no bottles, but the policeman searched and found some. I have a court hearing for a MIP charge in 2 weeks.The catch is that I'm going to the medical school/navy, and I cant afford to have this show up on my record. What should I do in court? Should I admit the truth, or deny even knowing there was alcohol? If they ask me questions in court, should I say that yes there was alcohol in the car, so should I deny knowing that
You don't have to admit to anything. The burden would be on the police officer to establish that you were indeed in...