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Ellicott City Crime

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  • Ellicott City caregiver pleads guilty to abusing pat...

    Wednesday Aug 19 | via The Baltimore Sun 

    A caregiver who worked at an Ellicott City assisted-living facility has pleaded guilty to physically abusing one of her patients, according to a statement from the Howard County State's Attorney's Office Wednesday morning. Christina Renee Randall, 26, of Baltimore pleaded guilty to second-degree abuse of a vulnerable adult before Howard County Circuit Court Judge Timothy J. McCrone on Aug. 19. According to the state's attorney's office, on Feb. 19, Howard County police arrested and charged Randall after the family of the patient turned over video surveillance of him being abused at Lighthouse Senior Living in the 3100 block of North Ridge Road in Ellicott City.


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  • Disney princess porn case headed to September trial ...

    Aug 2, 2015 | via SILive.com 

    The Rossville man accused of showing a pornographic video to a girl inside a Charleston store appears headed for trial in an unrelated case in Maryland in which he allegedly displayed a smutty cartoon of the Disney princesses to two young girls there. Shaan Khawaja, 28, has a scheduled trial date in Howard County Circuit Court on Sept.


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  • Police Stop Stolen Vehicle, Driver Flees on Foot: Po...

    Jul 30, 2015 | via Patch.com 

    HOWARD COUNTY POLICE DEPARTMENT DAILY CRIME BULLETIN WEDNESDAY, JULY 29, 2015 Addresses are in hundred blocks. ROBBERY COMMERCIAL BEAT B5 SHELL GAS STATION, 6200 WASHINGTON BLVD, 7/28 1935: A suspect entered the store, approached the counter, threatened an employee with a handgun and demanded money.


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Ellicott City Law

What do you have to do with regards to paperwork and fines to receive a restricted license after a DUI?
First time offense. I plan on meeting with lawyers soon. But I am just wondering what kinds of paperwork and fines do you have to go through in order to receive the restricted license. This is assuming that the judge grants my request for one at the MVA hearing.
Assuming you are eligible your lawyer will be able to tell you what you need to present to the ALJ to support that request.
Can the temporary (45 day) licence provided after a DUI be used as a form of Identification?
For instance, I intend to apply for a program and they request your Driver's Licence as a form of identification. Can I use the temporary one to do so? Or should I try and use a passport or something else instead? Also can it be used as a proof of age? For instance, getting carded while trying to buy tobacco products. Examples of alternative forms of ID, should the temporary or passport not be sufficient, would be appreciated.
It will not work as an ID. You can got to the MVA and get an ID card issued. It looks like a license and will work...
I got my first DUI recently, and I refused to take breathe test at that time. Should I need to hire attorney to defend my case?
I got my first DUI recently, and I refused to take breathe test at that time. Should I need to hire attorney to defend my case?
Yes! I know, I'm an attorney and I say you need one. But, do you know the law? How many have you taken to trial? Can...
I just got arrested for DUI yesterday in Maryland with BAC of 0.16. My attorney recommended that I take Probation Before Judgeme
I have been on H1B for 7 yrs. I just renewed by Visa for another 3 years. I already applied for a Green Card. I have an approved I140 and waiting for my priority date to be current to apply I485. Will taking PBJ affect my current visa status? Will it affect my Green card processing time and chances of getting a green card? If my priority date (Oct 2010) becomes current while I am still on probation, can I apply my I485? Will they process it right away? Or will they wait for my probation period to end successfully before processing? If they don't process my I485 till the end of my probation, do I have to apply I485 again or they will process it automati
Your attorney should consult an immigration lawyer for discussion on immigration consequences of criminal conviction....
A bartender took my Fake ID and gave it to a police officer but I wasn't present, received arraignment in mail, Is this legal?
The ID had my real name and picture on it. After having the ID taken from me I left the scene and was never contacted by police. The only evidence would be the bartender correct? how strong is the states case against me? I'm charged with Possession of a fake Gov't ID
Anyone may be charged with a crime, regardless of whether he has broken the law. While the state might not choose to...
Can I drink before I meet my PBJ officer
MD court assigned pbj officer to me, but he is not available for next few days. I haven't met him, so my case is not started yet. Can i drink until i meet him and get my case started?
Absolutly not! Drinking got you where you are today!You have the chance for a Probation Before Judgement and you must...
Removal from Ignition Interlock Program?
I had an Ignition Interlock installed on my vehicle 9 mos ago and have had one violation from using mouthwash...one violation thats unexplained. ie-driving during the middle of the day to work and failed but passed minutes later....and two retest refusals due to leaving car on while unloading groceries in front of my house. The MVA sent letter to say I am in violation and removed from program and to turn my license and original suspension will be imposed (12 mos). I have been in program for 9 mos and never had alcohol near my car. Note: When I went to court for DUI charges they were all dropped...do I have a case with the MVA that the violations were non-alcohol related? Does the fact I was never charged with DUI help? I cant work w/o license and Im single dad w 2 young kids in school.
You need to immediately consult with a Maryland DUI attorney. The interlock device isn't perfect and there are ways...