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Never made court appearance, received in July of 2011, believe court date was following September.
Since you've already been charged, no statute of limitations applies. There is very likely a warrant out for your...
I am gonna ask the judge for 158 days in jail....so i have 2 days left on my sentence of a year and a day which i am on probation for.
Here is a helpful link for your study: https://netforum.avectra.com/temp/ClientImages/MSA/acc324c5-ead8-4ee0-9bc8-...
This is my first dwi and im currently on probation for 5th degree assault intent to inflict fear. That charge Is a stayed of judication. They had given me one year probation for that and some community service. I'm just wondering if anyone knows what I should expect for jail time, probation ect. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Consult with an attorney who does both criminal law and DUI. Use Find a Lawyer here to help.
I got my second DWI while I was on probation. I just want to know what I'm looking at on getting out of this, for my 2nd dwi in 3 weeks?
Thank you for the e-mail. You have a myriad of problems. First, if you had a Blood Alcohol Content over .20, or...
Registration was renewed in August 2014. Incident occurred in December 2014. Do I need to wait until August 2016 for regular plates or just December 2015? Also, if I purchase another vehicle would whiskey plates also be required?
You should contact an attorney to discuss in more detail. Depending on the circumstances you may not have to wait at all.
I was raped and tested for DUI on the same night. I don't know what I blew, but I don't believe I could've been over the limit considering the amount I drank (three beers, one shot) in a seven-hour span. My car has been released from the investigation pertaining to my rape, after they inspected it for evidence. The rape case has been dropped due to a lack of evidence. However, my car is still being held in the impound lot for the DUI, according to the officer that originally handled my case that night. I called an attorney for advice, and he informed me that it isn't within their rights to hold my car with no prior convictions (I have a clean record) and no results regarding the DUI that may incriminate me. The urine sample could take weeks to process. What do I do to get my car back?
Ya. I don't see a legal basis for them to hold the vehicle here. You can retain a lawyer to help you both with...
guilty. I have Ataxia, so my balance is off and so failed the field sobriety test several times. The state told me that it came back positive for narcotics, but no one told me of what drug(s).
All good questions. First let me say that it is best to talk with an experienced DWI attorney in person or over phone...