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My Husband was arrested on a bench warrant no bail for missing his sentenced time for his DUI. How long till he sees a judge?
I was told it could be two weeks. He got a no bail bench warrant and they say there is nothing i can do. Can they really keep him without seeing a judge for two weeks? We made several attempts to contact the judge to arrange a new time and talk to him about why he missed and never heard anything until the cops showed up to arrest him a month later.
Your lawyer should be able to file a motion to place on calendar to post bond/OR release upon 2 days' notice.
How long does Nevada (Elko) normally take to file criminal charges....
Was arrested in June 2012 for driving on suspended license, dui, felony possession of marijuana with intent... was released on ror...since then the court has not filed charges and keeps changing to court date...Is this normal and is there a time frame for them to file ...Being from out of state and have had past dealings with the court this seems abnormal...
keep your fingers crossed, but more than likely your case has fallen through the cracks, make no nuisance of yourselves.
I got third DUI last week. N I'm looking for a lawyer .court is in elko Nevada
I was driving too fast n I had accident under influence . Cops told me to pass walking test which I failed they made me to do blood test without warrent. Also they didn't read my rights. I'm looking for a lawyer that will take my case the good lawyer I can't find anybody good in elko. Also another car was involed nobody was hurt
A 3rd DUI within 7 years is a felony which carries a minimum 1 year in prison. Separate from potential defenses, you...
Looking for second opinion... Plea bargain for DUI & Possession - not for sale charges
I have been offered a plea bargain and here is the gist of it: I have to plead guilty to the DUI, I have to plead guilty to the felony drug possession charge (under a gram of cocaine) . FYI, I was under the influence of alcohol, not the cocaine. I have to apply to drug court diversion program. If I am accepted, the felony charge will be ... dropped? expunged? (not quite sure on which) If I am not accepted, I will be required to plead guilty to a conspiracy to possess a controlled substance charge which is a gross misdemeanor. There is no guarantee on the sentencing for either charge it only says that the state will remain silent. I am worried I will not be accepted to drug court, should I try for a better plea agreement, or will this likely be my best option?
Hello there, You have posed a question where more information is needed before an adequate response can be given....
What can i do to help him?
my son was arrested for dui, mip, driving while suspended (we dont know why yet), fic plates, no ins but has ins wasnt his car and held on 3000 bail up to 10 days without a arraignment or charges.
Please call a qualified lawyer in your area right away. The lawyer should contact the jail and find out why your son...
Nevada dmv dui hearing second offense license revoked 1 year
My Nevada drivers license is currently revoked after my appearing in court and pleading guilty to dui. The judge reduced the dui second offense to first time offense. If I receive a third dui within 7 years they will become enhance as my third offense. Due to this Nevada dmv administration revoked my driver license for 1 year. I have a hearing with dmv scheduled next month to see if I can receive a conditional license for work or if they will allow me to have interlock devi en for remainder of the suspension. Right now I have served 6 months of the 1 year . Do I have served conditions chance at reducing this suspension at the hearing
Good question. I would direct this at an experienced DUI attorney licensed in Nevada. Good luck to you.
I have a Driving while ability impaired (DWAI) conviction in NY 1978. Do I have to admit to that if asked by ADA or Police?
I have been stopped by Metro Police and asked if I ever have been arrested? I said 'no' as my lawyer in NY instructed me. I was given a ticket for speeding and have to appear soon. If asked again should I admit this or refuse to answer?
If you were convicted of DAWI in New York you wee both arrested and convicted. However, it is not considered a criminal...