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  • Elkmont man accused in Athens assault

    Dec 5, 2017 | via The Decatur Daily 

    A suspect has been arrested in a November assault in Athens in which the victim had several teeth knocked out and an eye swollen shut, authorities said. Kenneth Wayne Jefferson, 53, of 25872 Rooker Lane in Elkmont, was arrested Monday on a warrant for second-degree assault, according to Athens police.


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Elkmont Law

How do I get my license back after dui?
I plead to a dui in tenn. Part of my sentence included loss of my tennessee license for one year. I m now a resident of alabama. Once my fines and court conditions are met, how do I go about getting an alabama license after my suspension period is up? Will i have to reinstate my tennesee license first? Will I have to file sr22 with tenn or get an interlock system? This was my first offense and I submitted to blood test but was never provided the results since I plead to the charge. There was no one injured but i did wreck my vehicle.
The clerk of the court in the county where the DWI conviction was entered sent a notice of conviction to the Tennessee...
What is the normal level of xanex if they are prescribed 1mg xanex twice a day?
If someone had been on xanex or other such benzos from age 14 to 42 and their toxicology report reads 75.76 ng/mg considering they have a very high tolerance to the drug would a court be able to say that the person's judgement was impaired?
I don't know that there is such a thing as a truly "normal" level (would depend on the person), but I have heard...
On scene .152 hour and a half later was .09 at station is there anything I can do.
I was in an incident where yes I did have a few drinks throughout the day. But went atleast an hour and a half without drinking before driving over the course of hours I had a total of 6 beers. When I got in the incident I started smoking and chewing several pieces of gum. I was highly shaken up given the circumstances. I was arrested for dui with .152 but when I got to station it was .09 is there anyway I can get this dropped
It is impossible in this forum to provide a detailed explanation of alcohol absorption and elimination, and alcohol...
What can I expect happen with a burglary 3rd degree charge, if I'm already on probation for two dui charges?
He was arrested for two different dui charges in separate counties, and then had a public intoxication charge which the prosecutor told him to plead not guilty to. After that he was indicted by a grand jury for a burglary 3rd degree that happened back in October. He currently has a hold on his bond, with no court date set. And no one can give me any reliable information. He has been in AA meetings and sober for almost a month now with a steady job.
He needs to hire an attorney and file for a probation bond.
What is the license for a lawyer called? a lawyer ______
I am working a puzzle.
A lawyer's license is simply called a law license.
How do I report a probation officer who ignores dirty test?
I know someone that is doing multiple drugs and drinking. He went to probation and the PO knows he does drugs. He had admitted he smoke weed right before he goes in and his PO Mike didn't care. What can I do?
Who appointed you PO of the PO? My advise: Mind your own business. No "good deed" goes unpunished. I hope...
Do I have to wait 6 months to get my licence back while revoked
Ronnie david in Athens Alabama
If the suspension is for six months, that's how long you have to wait. If it was for longer, you have to wait longer....