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I recieved my 3rd dui in Waukesha County, my 2nd dui was 2yrs ago. My level on this 3rd dui was under the limit at .070
I was under the limit at .070 but still received a citation for a dui in Waukesha County by the New Berlin Police Department. My question is can I get this dropped and if i dont and they count it as a 3rd can I have a ankle braclet in lie of jail time as Im the lone provider and care taker of my 12yr old son. I live in Walworth County
Technically, you can still be charged with DUI (OWI in Wisconsin) even though your alcohol content was below the legal...
What happens to bond money if bond is violated. I violated a condition of bond was taken into custody for drinking
I have not been convicted or sentenced for charges (DUI 3 rd) and I was released the next morning,how will this affect pending sentencing at my plea/sentencing hearing in June and I believe my release was a clerical error,but I was allowed to leave so I did. Can they come re-arrest me if the release was a clerical error and error is later discovered and do I have to sit in jail until my court date in June and how will the $8000.00 signature bond be handled? Can I request a separate hearing to deal with bond violation sooner than June date and would bond be offered again?
If the DA failed to arraign you within a timely manner, most DA will later arraign you at another date.
I am currently on a signature bond for a second owi which included no driving without a valid license.
I got caught for a plate check and the officer said it was just a ticket like any other traffic violation. Could I still be charged with bail jumping as it was a condition of my bail?
You should talk with your attorney as they are in the best position to assist you with this situation.
What is the procedure/policies in Walworth County, WI for a first time underage drinking ticket?
I received my first underage drinking ticket at a concert in Walworth County, and I plan on going to my court date to see what I can do to get it off my record. I was wondering if anyone knows the policies for underage drinking tickets in Walworth County, and if there are any specific things I should do to make my experience go as smoothly as possible.
If you don't get any responses here you can always search for an attorney in your area here on AVVO by selecting "Find...
Is an OW 1st considered an ordinance violation in the state of Wisconsin?
I was told it is considered a civil infraction not sure the difference between the two.
Yes, it is civil (vs. being criminal). If asked if you have been convicted of a crime, the answer is no.
In 2005 I paid a dui fine. 6 years later I was arrested on a warrant for this unpaid fine.
The city clerk was arrested for felony misconduct for failing to file tickets with the state. They found cabinets full of old tickets and money. Since I paid my ticket six years ago but did not keep the receipt do I have any legal recourse?
How about a cancelled check?
Is sex with an intoxicated woman rape if the male is sober?
I am a 20 year old female at a university. A male coworker of mine got my number through our work system, which totally creeped me out. He would text me and we would talk as friends, nothing ever "flirty" so to speak on my part, or nothing that showed I was interested in any romantic/sexual relations with this man. At one point he said something out of the blue like "so, are we going to f***" or what? I didn't respond. He tried to kiss me after work one day- out of nowhere- I refused and drove away. Didn't really think anything of these "signals," thought he was just a "friend who was interested." One night, a friend and I went out and got super drunk. This coworker and I were exchanging some texts because I would need a ride home later & he was sober. My friend got sick at a party, i remember calling him to give us a ride home. I remember him picking us up-dropping my friend off, and then I remember bits and pieces of a dark room, going to the bathroom, and waking up in his bed the next morning- really don't have any recollection of the rest. Felt so violated the next morning, and found out he had sex with me. So depressed still & confused
First, you should ABSOLUTELY report this immediately to the police. Regardless of whether or not this is criminal...