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  • Indiana mom charged with providing material support ...

    Aug 23, 2018 | via Washington Times 

    Samantha Marie Elhassani , an American mom who followed her late husband to Syria , was charged Wednesday with providing material support to the Islamic State, better known by the acronym ISIS, the Department of Justice announced. It is the second indictment the Justice Department has won against Mrs. Elhassani , who was accused in July of lying to FBI agents in her home state of Indiana.


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  • Indiana murder suspect caught in Cook County

    Aug 23, 2018 | via WALB-TV Albany 

    When a police tag reader alerted on a car Tuesday in the Adel Walmart parking lot, officers could not have known that the woman driving the car was suspected of killing her husband, in Elkhart, Indiana. After sifting through her story, in which she claimed to be Lucy Baker, officers arrested Angelica Castillo, 39, who was the subject of a nationwide lookout from Indiana, for the murder of her husband, Elder Castillo, Sr. Adel Police did get a computer hit on Lucy Baker, however, related to a forgery case in Tifton, and forgery warrants had been issued there for her.


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