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What will happen on a 24 year old warrant for a DUI ?
I had a DUI in 1993 in Indiana , moved to Arizona . for 23 years was a school bus driver, numerous background checks . Always clear. I moved back a month ago and got arrested on a warrant for the 23 year old DUI. What will happen in court ?
It may be tough for the state to prove the case, but that doesn't mean they will just roll over. Get an attorney and...
What happens if I fail a court ordered drug test after my 14 year old told her probation officer I was dirty
My daughter is on probation and she told her officer that I did drugs so she wanted a drug screen . I refused so one may be court ordered. How long will it take. Wat if I fail
Are you on probation? If not, then you cannot get a violation of probation. This sounds more like a juvenile dependency...
How can his sentence be reduced?
So my friend is in all this legal trouble because he shoplifted. He decided to go with this work release thing (like they basically go around and clean up the city for 8-9 hours a day on the weekends) and not do the 30 days in jail. He passed his first drug test last week but failed it this week. Now he's in jail and they said he'll be in there for one year. (Maybe six on good behavior I'm not sure how any of this works) Is there gonna be bail or any way to make it reduced?
There at many potential factors to consider to see if this is possible. Someone will have to meet with a local criminal...
What happens when you have "violated" probation?
I was convicted of a dui last year and was sentenced to probation for one year and an addiction evaluation that consisted of taking a class. I had taken an evaluation at the beginning of this year and was recommended a one day class that was expensive and had learned there were cheaper places. I contacted another addictions center that was cheaper. They proceeded to tell me I would not have to take another evaluation due to my records of the first one. When I showed up to sign up for the class I was told I had to pay for an assessment and then was bullied into a drug test and was told if I don't take one right there that it would be counted as positive for refusal. I took it and it was positive and was told the day my probation was supposed to end (October 27, 2016) My first blemish on my probation. I'm not confirming or denying I had a couple drinks the weekend before the test but I read how ETG's work and I am in constant contact with a list full of products from hygiene to industrial strength solevants for work and everything in between that contain ethanol or the chemical they test for. My prob terms only talks about court ordered test and not about unmandatory by 3rd party
What happens when you violate probation surely you know, hearing... extension of probation possibly, jail time possibly,...
Do I have to tell an job application that i have a owi? It only asked if I have ever had a dui or dwi? I live in Indiana.
I am apply for UPS delivery driver and the application ask "Have you ever had a dui/dwi in the past 3 years? I wasn't convicted of either, I was convicted of owi. They never caught me driving the vehicle, they caught me after the fact but i admitted to driving the vehicle. I am wondering if i have to tell answer yes or no on that question.
You don't think they will run a background check of you especially with the DMV given you are applying as a driver?
- "Can a person in Indiana charged for a felony on dui be released" to an intervention program?
It's my step daughter's third dui. Her second dui resulted in losing her license for 6 months and a driving course. She is 26 and also has several misdemeanors for shop lifting.
I am not licensed in Indiana, but in California (where I am licensed), I have seen judges allow such a program as long...
What to expect from my PSI?
third dui, i will be getting 8 minths house arrest for the charge but for a probation violation the prosecutor wants 8 months "purposeful incarceration". Im suppose to do a psi and foucs on my recovery and my program i have been in for 8 months now. Ive maintained my sobriety and continuously go to AA .
Your previous history will determine your PSI. You know better than most.