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Suppress evidence? ??
July 4 2014 approximately 0200am. My wife and I were over at the neibors house watching fire works and having a bbq. My wife and I got in to a non physical altercation and were arguing back and forth ...i left to go to caseys general store to get a can of chew ..i got the can of chew and had just opened the door to my pickup and sat down when Beresford police dept. Pulled in behind me and said they needed to talk to me about a domestic violence phone call that they had received ...i asked who made the call and was told that they could not tell me who placed the call so I'm assuming it was Anonymous. After asking me a couple brief questions they said that they thought that I had been drinking and did a breatholizer and a field test .. at that time I was placed under arrest at takin to the beresford pd for them to do paper work and then taken to sioux falls jail for booking ...The second officer that was there as I got arrested when to my home and questioned my wife and people that were with us all night about the domestic dispute ...All 5 people said that it was just my wife and I arguing and that there was no physical contact and no charges were filed or brought up ...my bac from the breath test was .1 something ...but I was standing 15 feet from the gas pumps when it was administered I don't know if the ethanol will affect it or not ...other things that keep running through my mind are the cop car pretty much boxing my truck in before I was under arrest ...and the fact of being arrested over what is a anonymous phone call ...I'm doing as much research as I can bc I own a trucking company and this dwi if convicted will 100 percent put me out of business i have put every thing I have blood sweat and tears into making this company and with out it there is no way I could possibly pay my bills ... i have had previously had a dwi in 02 04ish and in 09 ....The dwi in 02 I used a suspended imposition on ...R
A motion to suppress evidence is an excellent tactic to consider in almost any criminal defense case. With the stakes...
If you turn yourself in on a warrant do they have to read me my rights? Can I be put in the drunk tank when i'm sober?
Yesterday I revieved a warrant for my arrest, i called a bondsman and went and turned myself in. When I got to the Jail they just walked me back booked & finger printed me and stuck me in the drunk tank. I was 100% sober. my rights were never read to me. Also I had met with an officer one month before my warrant was issued shouldn't they have given me a court date before a warrant?
They dont have to read you your rights unless they wish to question you. I suggest you review all of the facts and...
If I drove over a curb and ended up with a dui shouldn't I have a ticket for bad driving or something too?
I got two counts of dui which they said I would get one or the other. But nothing about the driving over the curb which is why I got pulled over in the first place
You are facing massive fines and jail and you are worried about whether or not you got a traffic ticket? Get an...
Should I fight this dui
I am being charged with a DUI for having difluroethane in my blood it has no amount listed on the blood test just that it's detected does the state really have a case?
You need to hire an experienced DUI attorney in your area without delay. They will be able to help you fight these...
I have a second dui just 2 months ago. i have been under political asylum for 12 years. I am applying for green card
first dui 2011 and second dui 2015. I received a letter to go for an interview for green card. I read somewhere online that normally they dont do interviews but that an interview for green cards could imply they are going to deport me. Is this correct?
With two dui's in your history, you need to work with an experienced immigration attorney asap.
Guitly to a 1st offense DUI and stacked up attorney fees, then couldn't pay so they issued a warrant, can i pay to avoid jail?.
couldn't pay due to relocation and financial problems
Can you pay your way out of jail? Not likely. If you warrant you'll eventually be arrested.
South Dakota: can you ask for a blood test being on probation??
Im on probation and I smoked some dabs about two months ago and haven't smoked since but my test keep saying positive.. Blood test will only show thc in your blood if you have smoked recently can you askyour probation officer for a blood test to on top of a urine test? * not refusing the urine test* to see if the blood teat comes back negative
You can request it it but you may also have to pay for it.