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  • Officials: California Criminal DNA Database Dwindlin...

    Saturday Sep 17 | via KTXL-TV Sacramento 

    In 1997, William Harbour was arrested for felony drug crimes. He served prison time, and his DNA was entered into the state's database.


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  • Family plead for help after a veteran's service dog ...

    Monday Sep 12 | via Daily Mail 

    EXCLUSIVE: 'I had to kill Octomom to save my life.' Mom-of-14 Nadia Suleman tells of her shame over stripper and porn past - but says she has turned her life around and has no regrets about having her in vitro 7-year-old octuplets Wells Fargo executive in charge of fake accounts unit that cost bank a $185m fine and 5,300 jobs will walk away with $125MILLION golden handshake Apple fans begin lining up for the new iPhone 7 FIVE DAYS ahead of its release - with professional sitters charging $3,500 a week to save a spot Mother who beat her nine-week-old son to death and buried him in remote woods kills herself in prison while preparing to testify against her husband for his role in the murder 'They are all gone': Six children and three adults killed in horror house fire despite calling 911 because the security bars on the windows left them unable to escape Murdered jogger's final moments: ... (more)


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  • Youth Correctional Officer Arrested in Connection to...

    Aug 18, 2016 | via KTXL-TV Sacramento 

    Elk Grove police arrested 39-year-old Rajnel Nath, a youth correctional officer, in connection to a deadly crash that occurred July 8. Officers say he was drunk behind the wheel when he crashed into a car on Laguna Boulevard and Laguna Oaks Drive, setting off a chain reaction crash, that injured three people and killed another. "The suspect was driving an SUV down Laguna Boulevard at a high rate of speed, approaching stopped traffic, at the high point he rear-ended a Toyota Prius ... the driver was deceased at the scene," Elk Grove police spokesman Officer Chris Trim said.


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  • Correctional Officer Arrested In Deadly Elk Grove Hi...

    Aug 18, 2016 | via CBS Local 

    ELK GROVE - A suspect in a deadly hit and run turns himself into police, and it turns out he's also a youth correctional officer. The horrific scene on Laguna Boulevard unraveled in broad daylight.


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Elk Grove Law

I have a phone hearing with the DMV Driver Safety so they wont suspend my license how can I prepare for the hearing ?
I have 8 points on my license I received 4 in 2012 for 2 dui , and 2 in 2014 for driving under a suspended I also got 2 more in 2015 for also driving under a suspended. I have my license already and now they want to suspend it again . Is there a chance I can beat the hearing . I am currently a full time employee and soon to be college student and I am forced to drive. Will this help me ?
Forced to drive? Really?? Who is forcing you??? It won't help. Prepare to lose that hearing.
I got arrested for a DUI, I'm under the dreamers act and it's time for renewal on my residency card . Will this affect it ?
This is my first offense , I got got tickets but I been on time with talking care of this.
You need to retain an experienced attorney and try to have your charges dismissed if possible. If not then USCIS can ,...
What is a motion to dismiss
my friend got arrested for DUI a few months back even thought he wasn't driving he was just found inside his parked car, his lawyer is been fighting his case for over 4 months now and my friend just informed me that his lawyer filed a motion to dismiss and I am curious about how this things work, he told me he would have to be present, but I was wondering if the police officer who arrested him would also have to be present and what happens if the officer doesn't show up? and how likely is his case to be dismiss? he was arrested in Stockton, i'm just curious how this things work but i'm also trying to make him feel better since he's been so depressed since the arrest.
The motion to dismiss may mean many things If it is a motion to suppress based upon an illegal arrest the officer will...
Am I off probation for the DUI I got in January 2011, even tho I didn't attend any of the DUI classes?
I got a second DUI on January 14 2011(first one I was 17yrs old), I had a BAC of 1.6 on scene but I was booked at the jail with a BAC of 2.0 and I never have had my permit/licence. I was sentenced as a first offense DUI, so I got my licence suspended for a year, 48 hours of work project, pay some fines, and attend a 9 month DUI class program. I still haven't tried to get my licence, all fines were payed off, I turned myself into jail for 48 hours instead of work project, but I didn't attend any of DUI classes
No, you will not be off probation until the alcohol classes are completed. They are a term of probation, so failure to...
Dui fines
Can I just serve time if I can't afford to make payments and such for my second dui? I already have a mandatory 10 days but I'm sure 4 days I will be doing out of the 10. Can I just do the time so I don't have to pay any fines?
if you want to spend time in jail instead of paying the fine you can do that however you should know that will not...
Can I get a restriction license?
Can I get my DL back if I get the interlock and enrolled into my dui classes for my second dui. It's been 90 days that past so far
You also need an SR-22-- proof of insurance filed with the DMV. Everything else seems in order
WIll a DUI from 9 years ago show up on my FBI background check? It did not show up on my DOJ livescan. My DUI has been expunged.
WIll a DUI from 9 years ago show up on my FBI background check? It did not show up on my DOJ livescan. My DUI has been expunged.
Do you mean you are applying to the FBI? If that's the case I would disclose the fact that you were convicted and it...