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How can I get my license back from a DUI
I received a DUI in 2005 in Caron City, NV while driving with a California drivers license. Per the court in Nevada I was to fulfill the DUI Program in Nevada. I completed the program and even carried a SR22 for 1 year. I was contacted this week that my license has been suspended because of the DUI in 2005 stating that I need to complete the DUI program in California. I need help because I am going to loose my job and DMV stated that I would not be able to get a provisional license for work I had to complete the California Program first. Any information that you could give me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time.
916-657-6525 is the # for mandatory actions unit at DMV. They have a list of all classes for all jurisdictions and they...
I have a phone hearing with the DMV Driver Safety so they wont suspend my license how can I prepare for the hearing ?
I have 8 points on my license I received 4 in 2012 for 2 dui , and 2 in 2014 for driving under a suspended I also got 2 more in 2015 for also driving under a suspended. I have my license already and now they want to suspend it again . Is there a chance I can beat the hearing . I am currently a full time employee and soon to be college student and I am forced to drive. Will this help me ?
Forced to drive? Really?? Who is forcing you??? It won't help. Prepare to lose that hearing.
I have an Arizona drivers liscence but got a dui and refusal to chemical test in California..can I drive in Arizona?
I got charged with a dui and a chemical refusal...the dui was dropped to a dry and reckless, and they told me that my liscence was suspended for 2 years...because I had a prior dui in Arizona 7 years prior...at the time this happened, I had been living in California for 6 months with my girlfriend and I had a California drivers liscence...when I got my California liscence I never surrendered my az liscence..I did a check on the Arizona dmv website on my az liscence and it tells me that my liscence has no restrictions and there are no marks on it...so all in all, they took my ca liscence when this happened and the dmv told me no driving for 2 years...can I drive in Arizona and what will happen if I get pulled over driving in Arizona ? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
This is a question for the DMV in AZ.
I got arrested for a DUI, I'm under the dreamers act and it's time for renewal on my residency card . Will this affect it ?
This is my first offense , I got got tickets but I been on time with talking care of this.
You need to retain an experienced attorney and try to have your charges dismissed if possible. If not then USCIS can ,...
What is a motion to dismiss
my friend got arrested for DUI a few months back even thought he wasn't driving he was just found inside his parked car, his lawyer is been fighting his case for over 4 months now and my friend just informed me that his lawyer filed a motion to dismiss and I am curious about how this things work, he told me he would have to be present, but I was wondering if the police officer who arrested him would also have to be present and what happens if the officer doesn't show up? and how likely is his case to be dismiss? he was arrested in Stockton, i'm just curious how this things work but i'm also trying to make him feel better since he's been so depressed since the arrest.
The motion to dismiss may mean many things If it is a motion to suppress based upon an illegal arrest the officer will...
Am I off probation for the DUI I got in January 2011, even tho I didn't attend any of the DUI classes?
I got a second DUI on January 14 2011(first one I was 17yrs old), I had a BAC of 1.6 on scene but I was booked at the jail with a BAC of 2.0 and I never have had my permit/licence. I was sentenced as a first offense DUI, so I got my licence suspended for a year, 48 hours of work project, pay some fines, and attend a 9 month DUI class program. I still haven't tried to get my licence, all fines were payed off, I turned myself into jail for 48 hours instead of work project, but I didn't attend any of DUI classes
No, you will not be off probation until the alcohol classes are completed. They are a term of probation, so failure to...
Dui fines
Can I just serve time if I can't afford to make payments and such for my second dui? I already have a mandatory 10 days but I'm sure 4 days I will be doing out of the 10. Can I just do the time so I don't have to pay any fines?
if you want to spend time in jail instead of paying the fine you can do that however you should know that will not...