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Motorist hits intoxicated pedestrian is he liable
Hit a intoxicated pedestrian who darted in front of me entering expressway clearly marked no pedestrian crossing
Is the motorist liable? It would depend upon many factors. Most importantly, timely report this to your insurance...
How can I get my fines and probation fees reduced or dropped due to Social Security disability and limited income
I was charged with a DUI that was lowered to driving while impaired because my blood was illegally drawn I was revoked because my blood alcohol was 0.28 there were more fees and court cost added on to my original fines and cost I am really having a hard time paying these fines and cost would appreciate any help you can give
I suspect that you were represented by an attorney. Pose your questions to your attorney. He or she must be your sole...
What will happen to me in dui case if they didn't book me and didn't cite me but said papers will come in the mail?
I got pulled over for making an illegal right on red. The did a field sobriety test and blew on the breathalyzer. They didn't tell me what I blew but said he felt I needed to go get a blood test because my eyes had a delayed reaction when doing the finger flash light test. They took me to booking and the MA couldn't get blood so they took me to the hospital to get blood. I didn't sign any papers except for consent to take blood. They said I will get something in the mail for a citation that they could of kept me on but didn't and didn't mention anything about anything else. Can I still get charged with a dui days later since I had to give blood? Was never read any rights or told I was being taken in for DUI.
You can be charged even without the blood test which you unfortunately consented to. Expect to receive a Summons for...
Would your first DUI with child endangerment have your license suspended in Pennsylvania m1
My license was suspended for 18 months with my first DUI with child endangerment
That is the correct suspension period. Any DUI w/ a child in the vehicle is graded as an M1. An M1 DUI carries an 18...
I was arrested for dui and released now can I get a continuation for my preliminary hearing?
I got arrested for dui and was released but I have a pre planned international trip can I go on that will I be able to get continuation for my first hearing and will that affect my eligibility for ard program in Pa?
Apply for a continuance. You can't get one unless you apply in writing. The continuance will not effect ARD.
Is their any hope of getting suspension back credit in PA regarding a DL-16 form not being received?
I received 3 dui's in a span of 2 1/2 years from 17-19 years old? Obviously not my best years. Suspension was initiated on 10/11/2010. I submitted the DL-16 form prior to the suspension. In 2015 I called Penndot to inquire what else was needed for restoration. I was informed that they had never received my acknowledgement form and credit had not begun. I resubmitted it in March of 2015, and I made sure this time to follow up. I now have 2-years of served suspension. I have 2 daughters now and have done a 180 in my life. I am now about to graduate from the University of North Carolina Greensboro with a bachelors degree, and I am having serious issues beginning my career due to most employers requiring a valid license. All of this would be behind me if the form was received. Huge error on my part not initially following up. From what I have been told Penndot could care less about my turn around, and without evidence supporting my claim of the 2010 submission I am SOL. A little discretion on their part would be great. Has anyone had any similar cases that that turned out successfully? It seems like a huge technicality to me. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
Congratulations on the progress you've made! It's very impressive. Did you or your lawyer submit the DL-16 (lc) form...
Will I receive fedral student aid if i only have been arrested for dui and not been convicted?
I received federal student loan for 2017-2018 and after i filled out the fafsa information and got the package after that i got into trouble and got arrested for dui and was taken to booking center. I am not convicted till now as i have not received any affidavit from the police. I might have a chance to get into ARD program during my school year. Now would this disqualify me from getting federal student aid ?
Guilty pleas or findings to DRUG not alcohol related charges matter. You are lucky that you are in one of the very few...