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First time dui can I loose my lisence if accepted into the ard class
No criminal background
It depends on your BAC. If you are at general impairment or the lowest tier of DUI it can be a suspension free ARD....
Can I get a treatment program and house arrest for third dui with high bac instead of jail
I live in Lancaster county pa
You really need to hire an attorney ASAP. The Lancaster DAs office takes third offense DUIs very seriously and usually...
Will a pending dui charge stop me from purchasing a firearm? Even though I started the ard application?
I went to a store today and was told my background check was on a 15 day hold.
The PICS system is inefficient and is resulting in denials such as this. If denied, you can file an appeal.
I was arrested last night for a DUI. I had 4 12 oz beers and had taken one drag of marijuana. What are the possible charges?
This is my first offense. I have no prior record. I had agreed to a breathalyzer but they said I didnt blow hard enough. I was taken into custody and they did a blood test. Will the one hit of weed show up on my blood test, and if so can I be charged with this on top of the DUI? what are the possible outcomes of this situation.
First thing you should do is hire a DUI attorney in the county where this occurred. There are many options that an...
Can I get my DUI overturned based on the supreme court ruling that blood testing for DUI without a warrant is unconstitutional?
I have a DUI from 2006 of which I was told that If I did not give blood my driving privileges would be revoked immediately.
Except in a very extraordinary circumstance, you would not be able to reverse a 10 year old conviction based on new...
Can I get the ard program for my first dui
I pulled in parking lot because I was fringe to much was feeling down lost dad and job this past job I found a job and working agin I have clean record never been arrested clean driving record my bac was .16 plmk thanks
It is entirely possible and probable so long as you did nit have a juvenile in the car with you. Reach out to local dui...
Illegal Police stop?
I have a friend who recently got pulled over resulting in a second DUI in a five year period. The police officer followed him for 2 miles before turning on his red and blues. The police officer said "I pulled you over for speeding. I didn't clock you, but I have been doing this for 15 years and guess you were going 45-50 in a 35. By the time I caught up to you and followed you, you weren't speeding." My friend was on his motorcycle. In the open air, standing in the middle of a corn field and standing 4 feet away said "I smell alcohol have you been drinking?" My question is, could this be an illegal stop ? Could the officer have run his plates and background, and profiled him?
Sounds like a bad stop to me and any evidence obtained from the stop should be suppressed. Of course the question is...