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First time dui can I loose my lisence if accepted into the ard class
No criminal background
It depends on your BAC. If you are at general impairment or the lowest tier of DUI it can be a suspension free ARD....
Can I get a treatment program and house arrest for third dui with high bac instead of jail
I live in Lancaster county pa
You really need to hire an attorney ASAP. The Lancaster DAs office takes third offense DUIs very seriously and usually...
What is my next best move ?
I am on 20k unsecured bail and have a pending dui . I have completed rehab and am staying at a recovery house .
Your first and best move is to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney who can review the facts in your case and...
Will a pending dui charge stop me from purchasing a firearm? Even though I started the ard application?
I went to a store today and was told my background check was on a 15 day hold.
The PICS system is inefficient and is resulting in denials such as this. If denied, you can file an appeal.
I was arrested last night for a DUI. I had 4 12 oz beers and had taken one drag of marijuana. What are the possible charges?
This is my first offense. I have no prior record. I had agreed to a breathalyzer but they said I didnt blow hard enough. I was taken into custody and they did a blood test. Will the one hit of weed show up on my blood test, and if so can I be charged with this on top of the DUI? what are the possible outcomes of this situation.
First thing you should do is hire a DUI attorney in the county where this occurred. There are many options that an...
How beneficial will an attorney be in a first offense DUI taken place in Maryland
My boyfriend and I live in Pennsylvania and he was arrested for driving under the influence in Maryland. This is his first offense. He refused the breathalyzer test and I am unclear as to how we should move forward and what to expect in the upcoming months. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your expertise.
It is always best to consult with a local lawyer when you have questions such as the ones you've posted regarding both...
Do I have a DUI?
I am 19 years old. I did not completely stop at a stop sign and got pulled over. I took the sobriety tests and blew into the breathalyzer, then was taken to the station where I took another more detailed breathalyzer, I blew a .059. Then I was released where my parents took me home. I recently just got a citation today which charged me with an Underage and does not say anything about driving. Will I receive a second citation for driving or did the officer only charge me with an underage?
Hows about you take the citation into a lawyers office - a real-world lawyer's office - and let them look at the...