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How can i find out how high or low my blood test was for an bac?
im looking to see if its high or low
You can look in the court file or ask your attorney, assuming you have one, to do so.
Can i get a limited license in NC?
i was convicted of 2nd dui within 10 years in the state of VA while i was in the military. that being said i am out of the military and moved back to my home of records which is edenton, nc. the courts in VA said i could get a limited / restricted license in VA but i was wondering can i get one in NC since i no longer live in VA?
I suggest you consult with a North Carolina criminal lawyer with experience in these types of issues (i.e, Drivers...
I had a DWI back in 2008 what can I do to get it expunge. I haven't had anything on my driving records since then..
DWI back in 2008 and I was offered a new job but the agency can't hirer me back of this misdemeanor.. I have completed all classes paid all fines and had a clean records since then...
Depending on when in 2008 you were convicted of DWI, you have approximately ten (10) years to go before you will be...
If I got 2 OWI's in IOWA can I get another license in another state?
I got two owi's in Iowa and my license revoked for 5 years it has only been 3 years. I currently live in NC do they still honor the system in Iowa?
Most likely NC will know about it, s you will have to be valid and satisfy all requirements in IA before NC will give...
I was arrested for a DUI a week back
I was arrested for a DUI last week and my court date is pending.I am an IT consultant and have a job already but i was also applying for new jobs and i as i am on Work permit so i filled up their paperwork 2 weeks back marking "I don't have any arrests" as i did not.Now i am worried that arrest will come up after the background check and i will be honest when filling the background application form. Can this hamper my chances of getting this job?
All you can do is be as honest as you can. If you were not arrested at the time you filled out the application, you...
What kind of sentencing can I expect to receive on a third DWI. It has been since 1997 since I had one.
I had two DWI convictions in 1997. I was also charged with open container after consuming, civil revocation of license, Dwlr impaired and driving left of center. I blew a .12. Thanks
You should contact an experienced attorney to help you. There is too much detail in a DWI consultation to state on this...
Is it legal for D.A. to Judge Shop in DUI or any criminal case?
While it would be next to impossible to prove but say if you or your attorney could prove that a D.A. purposely skipped certain judges in superior court and "magically" or purposefully schedule you to the (T2) second schedule trial after guilty and pleas when a historically known harsh DUI sentencing judge came up is that legal? Or is there a back office system that automatically schedules these cases as they come up? As a defendant with a long open case I feel that the D.A. definitely did some Judge Shopping. Reading about the Baltimore "judge shopping" allegation brought this to mind as thankfully my case has been resolved but wanted to know if that was legal either way.
I cannot speak for North Carolina but the issue arose in Illinois back in 1990 in connection with the prosecution's...