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Can my driver's license be revoked for the same DUI case twice since i had already done without it for over a year?
i was involved in a dui accident which was my fault. the arresting officer petitioned for my d.l. to be revoked. i went from 10/25/12 to march 2014 without my license. fast forward to my court date on 5/26/15 where i plead guilty to the DUI. as part of my punishment, my license were revoked again. now prior to this date, i had a prior meeting with my p.d. where i told him i had already done without my d.l. for a year. he said they could not take them again. he stated this several times. now i don't understand why my license were revoked a second time for the same DUI when i was told they wouldn't be. i can handle the rest of the punishment but i feel i am being punished twice now with my d.l. being taken for a second time. if a mistake was made, how can i fix it?
I am not licensed in Tennessee, so I would advise you to seek advice from an experienced DUI attorney licensed in TN....
Dui showing on my MVR when I was in a completely different state?
I'm trying to find cheaper car insurance. I pulled my MVR. In 2015 I went through substance abuse issues with alcohol. Well I actually got a DUI and went to jail then to rehab for 45 days. I graduated a local drug court program and the charges were reduced. However my MVR states that I have a DUI in Kentucky in June 2015 when I was in Memphis TN at a rehab facility. I've been paying out the wazoo for full coverage since getting my license back. I assumed the high cost was because I was high risk due to the accident and careless driving charge. What can I do to correct this error? I'm calling the State Dept of Safety first thing, however I need some help with regards to how this can play out. Obviously I can get records from the Rehab Facility and the jail showing my entry and exit dates. Any help is appreciated.
Contact the department of licensing .. that's all you can do. Someone may have used your identity.
If I have a dui can I drink in my own house?
I live in TENNESSEE and got a dui. Can I drink in the privacy of my own home?
Depends on the wording of your probation order. If it says you shall not consume intoxicating beverages then you...
What will Tennessee do if I get a dui conviction in Virginia?
I was convicted of dui in Virginia & have completed my sentence. However, I have yet to pay my fines or do my community service. If the deadline for those passes what will Tennessee do? What will Virginia be able to do?
Virginia may issue a warrant for your arrest. In the event that that occurs, Tennessee would have to extradite you, and...
What will Tennessee do if I have been convicted of dui in Virginia ?
I have already been convicted and have served my sentence in Virginia. If I don't complete the court ordered community service or pay the fines, will Tennessee revoke my license?
There is reciprocity between the States and therefore, because you were convicted of DUI in Virginia there is a high...
I got two first offense DUIs in TN in 2011 and haven’t had any legal issues since. When/can I get my concealed carry permit?
Two first offense DUIs in separate counties... they happened so close together that the counties didn’t know about one another.
You may never get a concealed carry permit. This is not really a legal question. Speak to the agency who handles...
How should start my sentence when going before a judge for a dui I was convicted but I have had 4 sets of papers .?
I was convicted for a dui I did not have a blood alcohol test. I have had 4 sets of papers to get a restricted license but none of them were correct. I don't want to go to the DMV to get a license with papers that states things I was not guilty of. So I requested to be put on the docket so I could explain it to the judge.
Too complicated of a question to ask online because how you've asked it is really confusing. Speak to a local DUI atty.