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  • Jackson's bond revoked

    Friday Jan 12 | via Camden Chronicle Independent 

    A circuit court judge revoked a previously set bond for a man arrested by Kershaw County Sheriff's Office deputies on Dec. 29, 2017. Fifth Circuit Deputy Solicitor Brett Perry said Circuit Court Judge Tommy Cooper revoked bond for Cody Gene Jackson, 26, of U.S. 601 South, Lugoff, during a hearing Monday at the Kershaw County Courthouse.


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  • Crime Report - Jan. 2, 2018

    Tuesday Jan 2 | via Camden Chronicle Independent 

    A 28-year-old Elgin man was seriously injured after he lost control of the motorcycle he was riding on Highway Church Road near Elgin on Dec. 19. According to an EPD report, a witness reported seeing the man riding a yellow 2005 Suzuki GSX-R600 sport bike at a high rate of speed. The bike went into a high speed wobble, the operator lost control and crashed at Highway Church Road and Jeffers Circle, sliding 60-100 feet before coming to a stop.


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  • Elgin man charged with attempted murder

    Dec 8, 2017 | via Camden Chronicle Independent 

    An Elgin man is behind bars, charged with attempted murder, after he allegedly tried to run over two people with a pickup truck. According to a Kershaw County Sheriff's Office press release, at about 9 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 3, KCSO deputies arrested Steven Wayne Lee Jr., of Watts Hill Road, Elgin, on arrest warrants charging him with two counts of attempted murder.


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Elgin Law

If a passenger in a parked car receives an open container ticket in SC does this go on their driving record or insurance ?
The driver did not receive a ticket but the passenger was issued a ticket for an open container with a court date, will this go on their driver's record, license, or insurance ?
The answer is that it depends. The statute makes no distinction between drivers and passengers. It does, however,...
In South Carolina was arrested for dui, it was around 230am during the breath test at the wanted to call a lawyer
I was arrested for dui, when I was at the jail I waiting to for my 20 min to be up to blow or not, wanted to call my lawyer for advice, but the cop said noo cause there no phone in there and he couldn't leave to get one. Aren't I entitled to one
You do not need an attorney present to take a breathalyzer, but if one refuses your license is suspended for 6 months....
Felony DUI "Great Bodily Injury" License Suspension Issue (South Carolina)
I was convicted of Felony DUI (Great Bodily Injury) on Sept. 17, 2009. I was sentenced to 30 days house arrest and 5 years of Probation suspended on 15 years imprisonment. My probation end date is Sept. 17, 2014 and have no issues regarding probation. My main concern is my Drivers License. Per South Carolina statute a persons Drivers License can only be suspended for the time of imprisonment plus 3 years. Also in this statue it says ; " This period of incarceration shall not include any portion of a suspended sentence such as probation, parole, supervised furlough, or community supervision." I've been to the DMV and they have told me my license is suspended until 2027 and only a court order can change that. How is this possible and what are my options pursuant to South Carolina Law?
It seems as if the DMV considers the suspended sentence as controlling on them. I think you should get a local...
Felony DUI
Friend got in an accident in 2012 was charged with Felony DUI.....he got injured badly and the minor passenger got small injury,nothing major . He had to do 2 years and lost license for 6years... .Trying to figure out why the penalty was so harsh and whats gonna be required to get license now? .
Felony DUI can result in fines up to 10,000 dollars and prison up to 10 years if the person is convicted, as your...
I got charge with a DUI in the state of South Carolina In 2014
I have a drivers license from another state and I got charge with a DUI in 2014 and they want me to take a class which I was using a friend car and I was trying to turn around and go back to The house but the car got stuck I did 32 days in jail but o was taking to the hospital because I was not feeling good ,I just want to know could I get my DUI dropped or do I got to still take the classes
If you stand charged, but not convicted of DUI, you would be well advised to hire a criminal defense attorney who...
I failure to stop for DA lst time wat should I do
failure to stop cause I speeding to get to my girlfriend job cause I didn't want no problems .how can I avoid going to jail ? I don't wanna lose my good job
You likely will not go to jail unless this is just the latest in your record of offenses. But to be sure, you should...
What will likely happen to someone who has a violation of probation in the 2nd degree for driving violations?
My fiancé had repeat driving violations due to a dwi and a driving on a suspended license. He was sentenced to probation instead of 5 years jail time. He violated by not going to probation visits and he left the state to go to the emergency room at a better hospital just inside the North Carolina border. He left seeking a better hospital due to being very sick all year (unable to keep food down, pancreatitis, tumor on his kidney). He has lost 60 lbs. in 9 months! Ultimately, he avoided his visits because he is a bad alcoholic and afraid he would be locked up for showing up drunk. What are things looking for him, as far as facing time and what would be a best case/ worse case scenario? How likely would it be for them to offer him a court ordered drug treatment program?
His chances are much better with a criminal defense attorney. No one can predict what will happen in a Court of Law....