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I live in Ohio but was arrested in Indiana on a lake for BWI (Boating while intoxicated). I just got a copy of the police report and some minor things that the officer stated were incorrect but the largest mistake was that he stated he "handcuffed me and walked me to his state issued truck" ... a little hard to do when we were on the lake. Additionally he left out all of the information with regard to the 3 others on my boat, his requirement of them taking a breathalyzer AND administering one after advising them that they could not move the boat unless someone was sober; the fact that he stopped me for a stern light not illuminated after sunset was not mentioned again in the report nor that he left 3 passengers on a disabled boat with no working lights after dark in the water.
The errors are minor and will be talking points for the criminal defense attorney you hire to defend you in this case!!
he got dui with felony child endangerment. can he get the felony off his record. this happened in texas and he lives in ohio now
He cannot get this charged sealed/expunged in Ohio. He may be eligible in Texas but would need to contact an attorney...
My boyfriend and I got into a fight while in California. I was extremely intoxicated and don't remember most of the details. He was arrested for domestic violence based on statements I made. I don't remember what statements I made to the police and not sure why they charged him. We are Ohio residents and I really don't want him going to court for something I can barely recall. He has no previous history of abuse and has never done anything to me before. Do I have any way to stop the DA from prosecuting?
California will admit any statement as evidence if it was voluntarily given. The question as to whether it is a true...
Does the arrest date or conviction date determine the amount of time between DUI convictions. Asked 23 minutes ago - Springfield, OH DUI My last DUI was in Ohio on June 14, 2004. My current one happened on May 25th, 2014 and my first court date is July 22, 2014. My current case is in Maine where I believe ten years is the cut-off for considering past convictions during sentencing. So whether it is the arrest date or conviction date could make a big difference in what happens to me.
Time goes from the date of CONVICTION on the first offense until the date of the OFFENSE for the new one. So the two...
I was convicted of my third offense ovi. I have complied with all sentencing (probation, jail, treatment, license suspicion, fines). But my registration was forfeited for 5 years (it's been 2 years). Meaning I cant register a car in my name. I have a drivers license, and insurance, but there is no one that I can trust to register a car in there name for me.
This seems more a counseling situation for resolving trust issues than a legal question. Honestly, after three ovi...
I got my license suspended for two years following my second OVI. I am graduating college and want to move to another state in October. I paid all my fines and reinstatement charges, also completed my driving classes and have had no problems with probation.
If it is a refusal suspension, no. If it is a judicial suspension, it can be modified.
Received second dui in 4 years. Single mother, full custody of my child, business manager and travel frequently. I have no other convictions on my record and am a upstanding citizen. How can this be dropped to a reduced charge? My vehicle is currently impounded and I can't get to work or my son to school. Very nervous about my future.
You should start calling defense attorneys and schedule a consultation immediately. Many times cases can be reduced,...