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Is it possible to get a DWI reduced or removed from your record?
My license was revoked back in 2011 due to alcohol related offenses. Young, stupid, immature and too young for the college experience. After the 5 year revocation, which I completely understand, the NYSDMV added another 5 years...just because?? In speaking with DMV Driver Improvement Unit, they are sympathetic but say their hands are tired. "They" recommended trying to have one of the DWIs reduced to something else so that they would be able to review my record once again. I am unable to work without a vehicle, I'm now 31 and can't support myself or work in the field in which I am trained. They are telling me I'm not eligible until 10/2021. I'm educated, smart, focused and don't drink... I can't pay back my student loans and when interviewed by a healthcare facility (which is where I would work) won't hire me unless I have a valid NYS drivers license. Is there any hope?
I'd say hire a lawyer who can help you, and take a look here: https://dmv.ny.gov/driver-license/conditional-and-...
I have 3 alcohol related offences, is there any chance for a conditional license?
I have a DWAI conviction in 2001, a second DWI in 2007 and in 2013 I was charged with a refusal by the DMV but I was not charged in court with an alcohol related offence. Unfortunately with the refusal charge stemming from the hearing at the DMV I was still revoked for 1 year for the refusal and an additional 5 years with the 25 year look back. I am 4 years into my revocation period out of a total 6 years. Is there any way to apply for a conditional license
Might take nothing short of a miracle at this point? I hope you have a good lawyer.
Should I get a lawyer near where I got my DWI or can I hire one in my home city?
I was arrested for a DWI about 3.5 hours away from where I live. Should I hire a lawyer in my city or closer to where it happened?
You want a lawyer who regularly practices criminal defense in the County where your case is.
Good morning, My license was revoked in 2011 for alcohol related offenses. NYSDMV says that I am not eligible until 2021?
I am 31 years old and in 2011 my license was revoked for alcohol related offenses. Young, stupid, immature in a college town. I understand the 5 year revocation. I live in Syracuse NY, not exactly the "hub" of public transportation. In 2010 (which is actually when the last offense occurred - case just didn't close until 2011) I voluntarily checked into a 3 month in-patient rehabilitation program. I chose in-patient due to the length of stay and the desire to correct the problem. I also participated in 1 full year of counseling following my rehab. During the time I was in rehab, the public defender that I had, who was incredibly overworked, let paperwork fall through the cracks by not letting the Judge know that I was in rehab. The Judge thought I was ignoring their requests for action, thus a Class E Felony and 4 months in Ulster County Jail. I am a different person today. Due to no transportation I used the last 7 years to take advantage of on-line education and received 2 certifications in nutrition and in Dec a degree as a Nutritional Technician - continuing on for my RD. I have been interviewing and NO ONE will hire me without a valid NYS Lic. I need to work
I think a lawyer would need to review your lifetime driver's abstract before rendering any meaningful opinion on your...
My bf got sentenced 2yrs ago for a DWI this is his 3rd one he got 3 yrs probation can he get resentenced get off probation
after 2yrs his po is giving him a hard time. he did get in trouble for using and now in 90 day treatment and after a halfway House but should only have about 8 months left on probation. is there anyone I can call to see if something can be done thank you
His lawyer is in the best position to advise. My feeling is that probation is needed and his lack of progress supports...
My first-time offense DWI charge
My tickets were driving 97 miles an hour in a 65 Zone 2 points over the legal limit DWI, open container in the car this is my first time offense in New York state
The DA will know about any offenses out of state. You should consult with an experienced DWI attorney. Typically a .10...
I have my first "failed test" in my interlock. What will happen?
I've had the device installed last January. I never had any failed test other than a violation re-test because my device had a lot of issues. There were several times where the test will not register and the device prompts me to re-test at least 20 times in a row. Draeger (the company I got the device from) admitted that there were software issues - so I dealt with it for that reason. When I had it calibrated last month the device showed an issue, that time they decided to have me come back and said they will swap it out with a new device. So I did came back and when they hooked it up and it was showing no issues that time. They did not swap it out. I am still having a lot of issue with it specially when it's warm out. The technicians told me to shut-off my car for 20 minutes and try again. (annoying that that's their way of solving a problem) . I have left my car at work in several occasions because the device won't work properly. This morning it was acting up again. But unusual, the device took a long time to do any processing than normal time. The first blow didn't register and then the second blow said "test failed" then I was prompted to do a re-test.
Did you pass the re-test? If YES, I don't think you have a problem.