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I have a failure to appear court date today and i don't have any money to take with me to court. will they arrest me?
i have a DUI, a driving with no license, and a switched tag set for this failure to appear court date, but no prior offenses.
My guess is that you have already considered what the court will do if you do not show? Matters are perhaps bad now,...
I've been convicted of three dui in the past one eight years ago,one seven years ago and another five years ago and another now
Is that considered to be a felony charge with three of them being over five years apart.
As of now the law in AL is that the court looks back 5 years. So the DUI convictions that are more than 5 years old...
I need a lawyer experienced in welch hearings.
My licence is revoked for life in florida for DUIS and I need a lawyer that is experienced in welch hearing to help me get a licence in alabama.
Very few lawyers in this state understand the term "Welch Hearing." This type hearing is a discretionary hearing...
What happens if my dui hearing has to be rescheduled by the hearing officer and its after the thirty days when I petitioned it?
I was told that my hearing officer couldn't make it and would have to reschedule. I'm trying to see if the suspension will still be held.
If the hearing is postponed upon request by the officer, the suspension should be stayed until the hearing. If you have...
I got my first dui this month what should I do
Bac was.18 I was upfront and polite with the officer I don't know what to do get all lawyer or please guilty
Do not walk into court and plead guilty. You have many options available to you that could keep this DUI off your...
Will a DUI hold up in court if I took a sobriety test and blew a 0.06 I'm only 19 and idk what to do ?
I'm 19 and I hydroplaned and totaled my car I had two beers earler that night. when the cops arrived on scene I was vary shook up i was knocked unconchies and not aware of what had actually happened i refused medical attention on scene cause I couldent afford it I was just trying to keep my composer in front of the cops and stay up right I I was not read my rights or told I could refuse the test I blew 0.06 on scene and at the station I blew 0.01
In your case, I would strongly recommend that you speak to an attorney directly. There may be a variety of options...
I will be going to court for my first DUI. Do I need a Court appointed lawyer before I get there ?
Im not sure if I need to get one now or wait till court and ask for a court appointed for help.
Requesting court-appointed counsel is usually something you do during your first court appearance. Notice: The...