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Can a police officer tow my car even though im in the passenger seat?
Me and a friend are driving down Richmond going back home about 10 minutes away my friend is the one driving and I am in the passenger seat I am the registered owner vehicle is registered tags insurance and I have a license up to date we get pulled over due to fitting a description that we had nothing to do with butt they get our license and ruin both our names and come back to tell us that my friend who is driving has a suspended license I had no knowledge of her license being suspended I asked previously that if she had one before driving my car she said yes but never told me her license was suspended after that they told my car and charge me $301 to get to the tow yard and for storage fees 68 per day this was four days ago I paid the Richmond Police Department State of California hundred and $158 for a release form and I have now to pay over $400 to get my car out of the tow yard is it legal or illegal even though I had no knowledge of her having a suspended license
Yes, the police may lawfully tow a car when the driver's license is suspended. Get your car out as soon as possible...
How can I verify my driver license isn't suspended?
I have a copy of the record from CA, tried to get a CT license and was told it was suspended in CA. Record shows suspended 5/2/14 and Action terminated 11/14/14. Not sure if the suspension was lifted
Do you know what event occurred on 5/2/14? If you have a suspension you normally have to do something to get your...
If I accepted jail time in exchange of being off probation upon release, what form do I need from the DMV to re enroll in class
I had a battery and DUI charge, convicted 5 years ago. I got 5 year probation, DUI class enrollment requirement. I was allowed to finish my DUI class the last few months of my probation because I had no car and opted to use public transportation. I ended up going to jail for violating a protection order and I missed DUI classes and was suspended. I was able to bargain to be off my probation (1 month before 5 years long had ended) if I served 45 days. I was released off probation. I am eligible to re enroll in my DUI class and finish the last 3 weeks but I no longer have a probation officer. What form do I need and where do I get it? DMV? City Hall? Municipal Court?
I recommend going back to the court where you were convicted and asking to have your case put on calendar. You can...
Doesn't the PC 1000 counselor need to inform someone the first time I urine test comes up diluted or dirty?
3 diluted or dirty tests and they kick you out of the program I was just informed after the 3rd diluted tests came back not before. Therefore I had nothing I could do about correcting my urine test by not drinking as much water. We have a substitute director and I think that she didn't do her job properly by not informing me of my test and as a result I was ejected from the program and charged a $75 reenlistment fee and moved up to the level 2 because they were negligent with their job duties.
I wouldn't consider them negligent. It is your responsibility to ensure your drug tests don't come back with any problems.
I was arrested for DUI back in July 2013. The reading was 0.06 but the officer still arrested me. Later DA did not file charges.
I was arrested for DUI back in July 2013. The reading was 0.06 but the officer still arrested me. Later DA did not file charges. Now I need to go to India and will have to go to Visa stamping. Will the DUI arrest affect my Visa stamping? Will I be referred to panel physician? Do we know how long the process takes if I am referred to panel physician. Thank you for you help.
Yes, there is a possibility of referral to panel physician.
When could my friend get released from jail on drunk in public and destroying someone else's property?
When the police detained him he had just kicked in his girlfriends windshield of her parked car. I just want to know if this is something he could get released from jail in a day or two?
He can get released as soon as he posts bond today a day or two or whenever.
Is there a waiting period to get a 1650 waiver packet?
I recently moved out of state after a 2nd DUI and finished everything but the DUI program. I was given a year Leave Of Absence so that I could move and get the packet and have plenty of time to get it filled out and completed. However when I called the Mandatory Action Unit to request said waiver packet, they told me that I wasn't eligible to receive it until Aug. of 2017. They also wouldn't clarify why I couldn't have it sent then. Please help.
In general, a 1650 waiver will not apply until the full suspension period in California is over. If it was for a 2nd...