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Found guilty in Contra Costa Co, Walnut Creek (now Martinez) on 7/25/2007. Have not been driving since and would like to drive again. All fees and fines paid for and have a current SR-22 on file.
No. That was part of the agreement. You wouldn't like it for the court to come back years later and say "I know we...
i was convicted of cvc 23136. i was in a solo car accident and was with another party and when the police arrived i did admit to driving but at first said no to any drinking. after the officer conduct PAS test he demanded that i tell him the truth literally yelling at me. is this a coerced confession? i didn't tell him based on free will, but due to the fact that he had an intimating demeanor and after the accident i was very emotional. is this new discovered evidence enough to ask a judge for a new trial?
If you didn't tell him then there was no admission and no coercion. Even if you did tell him he had all the evidence he...
5 months or through a whole 3-5 year probationary period, etc.??
I believe Alameda County is part of the pilot test program for IID . You would need to keep it on for 5 months ,...
i feel like my trail was not fair. basically i was in an solo accident and when the chp arrived i was standing on the side of my totaled car along with another party and the judge convicted me because of my extrajudical admission and that i was the registered owner of the vehicle to corroborate that, i also pointed out that the PAS test was unreliable because the calibration log showed the device had noted complications and that it gave results borderline results of .109! i feel like my due process was violated since the judge suspended my licence for a year and didnt take the fact the this property asset was taken an not enough grounds for evidence. my question is there a chance that the in the appeals process the judgement can be reversed? i am think of hiring a attoney. please help
Do you have any training in forensic toxicology? If not, and you tried to make that pitch, that's why it was...
i was in a rollover accident on the freeway and was with a friend, we both mad it out ok with cuts and bruises. S csr had pulled over to the shoulder and two people had excited the the car and stayed with us till the chp came. all the chp asked those girls is what happened and they told the officer that they pull over to aid us and called the police, they officer then let them go without asking anything like there contact information and a possible relation to us nor did the officer check there vehicle for other people of "possible drivers" i was cited in violation with cvc 23136 (a) and i apply the rule of corpus delicti in my the day of my trail? thank you!!
It appears that you are representing yourself. I wish you the best but I cannot offer you any legal advice. Good luck.
And he requested a dmv hearing but I haven't heard anything about a date at all and have heard it can take awhile to get a dmv hearing scheduled. My court date is next May 22. My attorney says it will be the initial date and then if we discover it looks like I should plea bargain, ( I don't know the blood alcohol level but let's assume it's well above a .08). My attorney said in that case they'd probably settle on a plea bargain at the next court date which he said would probably be three or four weeks later. So let's say that happens about June 22. So at that point I assume my license will be suspended and I will have started or will start dui school. But I still may not have a DMV hearing date yet. If the suspension has already started , is there any reason to go to the DMV ?
You don't necessarily have to appear at the DMV hearing- but I'll stop there- since you have an attorney, I'd highly...
arrested for dui drinking. originally pulled over for expired tags. the officer asked if i had anything to drink i told him i had 2 jack and cokes. i weigh around 150 lbs 5'3''. did the field sobrierty test and breathalyzer twice. first time they questioned the first breath reading even tho my fied tests passed greatly. had me breath deep and blow without changing the tip of the breathalyzer. did not tell me what i was at just said slightly above.08. i have a court date. now lets just be honest. i smoke weed once in a great while. will they also drug test me? also, they asked me if i had anything to eat, i did, and had stopped drinking about 2 hours before driving home. but they also didnt ask me when i had stopped drinking.
You really just need to obtain a top DUI lawyer to help you. You may be able to defend this case. They will probably...