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The DUI (which was expunged from my criminal record in 2012 is preventing me from gaining employment in the auto sales & outside sales industries (because they consider it to be un-insurable with the DUI on the Driving record. I find this to be ridiculous as I completed all the items required & the court has expunged it from my criminal record. I feel that once the court expunges the record a person should have the right to demand the DMV do the same, but it seems impassible to remove it from the DMV (you just wait 13 years) Who's got that much time to wait to work in the field you worked in before the DUI (and the DUI was not on company time, nor were there any damages to property or life), just 2 a**hole cops claiming I was speeding and pulled me over saying nystagmus BS.
Unfortunately the dmv record of administrative suspension stays on your permenant record but a 13 year old duo should...
I was pulled over on my motorcycle for my tail light being out (not sure if this is valid I didn't get a chance to verify that yet) and was then asked to do a sobriety field test and then blew a .08 both times. Was taken in the station and blew a .08 again both times. I was cited for DUI, Violation of probation, Driving without Ignition Interlock Device, and driving without a motorcycle endorsement on my license. I know I'm in serious trouble here. All I have on my record is the first DUI which I was arrested for last year and was just convicted march of this year. I had two light beers and waited two hours before I started driving but I guess it wasn't enough. Also, Is it possible to get the DUI charge reduced to wet reckless since it just hit .08 even though I was on probation?
You have some great issues and helpful facts for a reduction to a wet reckless and possibly better with that low of a B....
I have completed all. My attorney stated that since i already completed 18 months of Alcohol education on my prior, the was no req. for it on this case, nor was it stated on my sentencing sheet. I just called DMV, MAU and the lady, stated my license is revoked for 3 years which i know, when i asked what can i do to get it reinstated, she said 12 months of an 18 month Alcohol class, when i said my terms and attorney stated i didn't need to, She says,'Either do it or DON'T" (someone didn't get laid i guess) and hung up. I called my Alcohol class and they are sending me my completion on the second DUI showing i finished my 18 months. What are my options at this point? Any help would be greatly appreciated, the attorneys on this board are so knowledgeable. Thank you and GOD BLESS.
The DMV and the court are two separate things. In order to get a license back, the DMV can require you to do things...
This was a sheet that was filled out and given after being booked for suspicion of DUI. This pink piece of paper outlines personal belongings at time of booking. It shows a date 7/14/14 8:30 AM at a court for arraign date. At the time of release from an overnight stay at Los Angeles County Jail, a yellow DUI ticket was issued with a court appearance date in October. There is confusion to know if it is still a requirement to go to the date specified on the pink sheet which shows 7/14/14, or if its just mandatory to go to the date specified on the yellow ticket. If anyone can please help and write about what it means for this arraign date? Thank You!
When were you arrested. The October date seems right if you were released. Ask your attorney.
After spending the night in jail, I was released without having to post bail. I am aware of the DMV proceedings. My question pertains to the court proceedings. After about 3 weeks of my arrest, my attorney (also, a close friend with no experience, representing me for free) made the first appearance for me before the court after which she informed me that the judge ordered AA meetings 2 times a week for the DURATION of my case. How often is this seen? Is the Van Nuys court more strict on refusals? Any answers are very much appreciated.
All courts tried to order AA for years but his was found to be unconstitutional because they are religiously based....
I am in the three month program and just got expelled for missing 21 days. However, there was a holiday. I only missed twice and that is allowed. I don't know what to do now. Can the school reinstate me or do I need to go to court? My license was not affected by my DUI, but the courts punishment was 3 month DUI class and 3 years informal probation.
You should call the court that sentenced you. The Judge will want to see you and you will need to give a good response....
Its a 2nd dui, 2 days are mandatory, but my attorney converted all fines and community service, bringing it to 50 days. He says he is 99% positive ill be in on a fri and do a night or 2. If i go in thur is that better? Ive heard you dont get cut loose until a monday. He says lynwood is super overcrowded but a cop friend says it is not. I really need to get a better idea of the ACTUAL TIME i might be in there. I am petite and have some health pro lems, including a recently fractured back. Ive heard serving in medical takes longer, and its better to white knuckle it and hope to get cut loose.
No one can tell you for sure how long you will do. You should also have a day or 2 of credits off the 50 days. Lynnwood...