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I'm 19, admitted to smoking marijuana, blew a .02 and refused the blood test. It is my first offense.
I am very confused on what to do next. I don't really have the money to hire an attorney, but i feel like a public defender isnt the best option either. I also had plans to join the military but now it seems like that is out of the question. is there anyway to get this off my record?
Please discuss this with an experienced DUI attorney. Your initial consultation will probably be free. You really...
In IL. my 15 year old was just given her choice of a citation or community service for underage drinking for an episode based
only on here say. The police have no evidence she drank except for other one girl who said she saw her. The police never saw my daughter drink and, never tested her for alcohol . Can she be in any trouble really on a case I say is based on no facts at all--just one witness who said she drank--this witness blew over the limit--so really the way I see it--the cops only witness was drunk--they have no evidence against my daughter---no legal case here is what I think--how about you????
I am not licensed in Illinois but he police do have a witness-that witness being drunk goes to the weight of the...
How can I get a DUI walking ?
I got a DUI when i was walking about 15 feet away from my vehecle and the keys were not in my possession. I never admitted to driving and I was detained for possible DUI before they charged me. I was charged finaly because a witness said they saw me driving. what are the chances of this sticking
If you are charged, there is always a chance of it sticking. Get a lawyer as soon as possible and do not discuss the...
I have 2 years probation for A DUI.
Will i get drug tested during an in home visit or any visits to my p.o? The judge did not require drug testing / alcohol testing to be one of the terms of my probation only to complete 30 drug/alcohol classes and a victim impact panel.
I bet the probation order gives your PO the right to demand tests.
Do i need a lawyer to get a court extension for a dui?
I got charged for my only dui last year, and i haven't finished my community service or payed my court fee. This would be the first extension
You should bring a lawyer. Failure to complete your terms is a violation of your court order. You can end up in jail...
Can I win a dui case if I blew twice and no reading showed up
I was pulled over last night take a field test and refused to blew and then I was took to the station where I was told that I need to blew or my DL's would be suspended for a year I blew twice and there was no reading so he wrote me up for a refusal
Video will be key. Most of those, it's just the defendant being cute and the Petition to Rescind fails. Concerning...
How will a DWI in North Carolina affect my Illinois drivers license
I recently was arrested for a DWI in North Carolina but have a illinois drivers license. I've been told the penalties in NC include a year suspension and having to install a breathe machine if you are going to having limited driving permit for work. But was also told Illinois would enforce whatever their penalties are. I am wondering what to expect if convicted.
Your license will be revoked. It doesn't matter what you have done in NC courts. You will need a hearing, an Illinois...