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A friend of mine was woken up one morning to give a ride to someone. He ended up falling asleep and landing in a dirt ditch on the side of the road; there was no damage to city property. He had a bac of 0.0 and His blood was taken at the time of the accident but wasn't tested till 5 months later. It showed small traces of methamphetamine and thc. He did the drugs two days prior to the accident. And rested a few hours before driving. The county attorney's office brought up the charges a year later and is now charging him with two counts of Agg Dui. Is he going to be sentenced with that or can we fight it for a lesser charge?
I suggest that he consult with a local DUI attorney to get a review of his case. Even with trace amounts of drugs he...
My husband got arrested for extreme DUI and a no headlights charge. We just received a letter in the mail of Notice of intent to dismiss. What could this mean? The Courthouse is closed today so I can't call to ask. Also the officer was surprise pd and he pulled him over in El mirage. And when he went the next week to get his fingerprints done the office didn't have any of the arrest paperwork.
In certainly sounds like good news, but I'd be hesitant to get too excited until speaking with somebody from the court...
My son was convicted of a felony DUI 5 years ago. All is good now and he has received the order to reinstate rights (except gun ownership) and the "Setting aside the judgement of guilt, dismissing the accusations or information and releasing the Defendant from all applicable penalties and disabilities resulting from the conviction from the court". I've read there are no Expungements in the State of Arizona but the "Setting Aside" seems to describe an Expungement. Does my son have to notify agencies (ie..police, sheriff, DPS, etc..) of the order or does the Court notify all the agencies. What should my son be doing to complete this process? Will any agency have his conviction information on file that can be accessed by outside agencies? Thank you in advance for your help. Karen
If your asking what shows up on his criminal record, go get your son a live scan. it should be immediately and automatic.
this is an agg DUI...3rd offense
Yes, unless otherwise agreed to, the jail time starts immediately.
My Husband lost his license do to DUI's when he lived in KS. He has tried to contact the court to set up a payment plan with them so that he can pay his fines and be able to regain his license but they told him that he would need to come to KS. This doesn't sound right to me. Why would he have to go to KS to set up a payment plan? Is there anything that he can do here in AZ to get his license back? Have the case transferred here or something? We cannot afford to hire a attorney in KS and we cannot afford to fly out there to set up up a payment plan
He must first be able to get his license in KS, before he can apply in AZ. In order to do that he has to jump through...
I received a dui in Scottsdale AZ in 2007 they took a blood sample. I never went back to take care of this matter I have a warrant for my arrest in AZ. I need to take care of this any advise would be helpful.
I think you have to assume they still have it because the case was at warrant and they should have stored all the...
I was pulled over for a dui in 2007 they took my blood I never went back to court I am wondering how long Arizona holds onto blood samples. I need to resolve this case.
Each department has differing rules. Find out which one and the ask it for the time applicalble to your case