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  • Skateboard saves a 13-year-old boy struck by lightni...

    Aug 15, 2018 | via Daily Mail 

    Bridge victims' families say 'the guilty must pay' as shocking photos show shoddy state of 'crumbling' Genoa bridge that was 'caving in' WEEKS before it collapsed and killed at least 39 - amid fears it was built with MAFIA concrete Find out what your friends REALLY think! Instagram update lets you send polls to friends in private - so you can finally ask those questions you'd be too embarrassed to make public Josiah Wiedman, 13, was shielded from the full force of the electrical surge because the metal frames on the skateboard earthed the charged and carried it harmlessly to the ground. The teenager, from El Mirage, Arizona, was skating with his friend Javier at the local park when they were struck as they walked home during a storm.


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