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I received a DUI I told my lawyer to check into my background they never did and theres absolutely nothing on my record I should have been able to divert my DUI but now I will be charged with it because the lawyer never looked into my background when specifically asked him to before we even went to court the first time so should i appeal my DUI conviction or fire my lawyer and file a complaint with the Bar Associationt?
If you are unhappy with your lawyer, get a second opinion (from a lawyer, not a website). No one here knows the facts...
I believe I can beat this case with a lawyer
You really should speak with an attorney immediately. The consequences of a diversion are nearly as bad as a...
Stopped for dui , and possesion of meth, and pot. Never been in trouble before . 54 years old ,
First of all I would contact an experienced DUI attorney in your town. Each jurisdiction handles cases differently.
No, but the consequences are often similar.
I fulfilled all but one obligation assigned by the judge upon my DUI sentencing. I have 20 treatment "classes" to attend and have only been to 4 so far. I'm still going and progressing very well. Fact is i wouldnt have been able to complete 20 classes in 3 months anyhow since they are once a week so i have to reappear next Friday. Unfortunately, being truthful during the evaluation has not worked in my favor since the judge seems to be turning this into more of a marijuana issue than a DUI issue. What are the chances he will give me a UA when I go back to court and what happens if i fail? Before joining the Army 12 years ago it took 86 days to clear from my system and i didnt cheat even once. Will i immediately go to jail? Will he let me continue treatment? Please help
Every judge is different. In order to get the best educated best possible, you should contact a criminal defense...
Im on my second DUI (first DUI was five years ago probation completed with no problems)I've served jail time already for my second and attended probation orientation second appointment took some type of question evaluation and assigned to a PO but was not asked to take baseline urinalysis I started color code system and mon after this Memorial Day holiday my color was called I might have dropped a dirty ua I drank on fir and had 3 beers on sun I also took one hyrocoden without prescription for sever back pain will this count as my baseline or just be counted as a dirty ua either way what is is the most likely outcome
You're in considerable amount of trouble. Testing dirty on a drug/alcohol test never works out well. Consequences are...
I am aware that this remains on my arrest record. I am also aware that sometimes Canada might see the criminal charges but might not have the updated information that the charges have been dismissed (as per completion of diversion period). I wanted to know if it was safe to make my travel plans. If I carry information regarding my arrest and case, and/or will it be a problem at all? If it shows I was arrested and that the charges were dismissed (not convicted) will they deny me entry anyway? Thanks
Call the Canadian consulate and ask. I suspect it will be no problem as there are no pending charges and no warrant...