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Testimony at DMV Administrative Per Se Hearings
Can people be later tried for perjury based on statements that they make in a DMV adminstrative per se hearing? For example, if a police officer lies in the hearing, if evidence is later found that contradicts his statements, could he be tried for perjury? Alternatively, could a defendant or a witness testifying for a defendant even be later tried for perjury if evidence is later found that contradicts their statements in the hearing? How does this work in the DMV hearing vs. a regular court trial? Is this the same for the parties involved??
Perjury occurs when false testimony is given under oath on purpose. So long as the testimony is sworn under oath, it...
DUI and expert witnesses?
Unfortunately I just got another dui. Thiss is my second in 10 years. My first was pretty smooth and completed all requirements rapidly. We have a household friend who is a lawyer in another state and said that my new case I should fight more because the laws have changes in the last 4-5 years and I might have more of a change. With that said I got into a minor accident on my way home from a social event. I was knocked out from from the accident and taken striaght to the hosiupatal. I remained uncoincious a majority of the time except a few moments of being combative (according to the hospital records) then given tranquilizers to come be down aqnd passed by out. The police reports say somehow I consented to a blood draw. Not sure how that happened. Is this a case I could fight somewhat with a good lawyer? My bac was .14 and they didnt even test me until 4.0 hours after the accident. Money is not much of a concern since I am retiered and have a confortable income, but is it worth hiring a great attorney and possiblry retain experts to evalutae this case and testify on my behalf. Thanks you very muchfor your time -
The law has changed per u s Supreme Court in 2013 and again in 2016. California cases are falling in line. Blood draw...
Can I travel from California to Hawaii while awaiting a court date for a DUI and hit and run misdemeanor charge?
My son age 27yo was arrested for a DUI and hit and run (involving 2 other vehicles) on 12/4/17. He turned himself in shortly after the accident. He was cooperative and the arrest went without incident. No one was seriously injured in the accident. He was booked and charged with a misdemeanor and a pending court date on 01/02/18. He started AA this evening and has left msgs to start counseling. We are just very thankful that no one was harmed and he is ok. He is scheduled to fly to Hawaii this wkend to run the Marathon. We are not sure if he is allowed to leave the California? Also, should we look into having an attorney to represent him at the court date? We don't know much about the law but understand that this is a serious crime that he committed, and we are praying that he will not have to do any jail time. Your advice is very much appreciated. Sincerely, Gina Ahedo
you definatly need to hire an attorney. their should be no travel restrictions
Will I get drug tested while in an alcohol SCRAM device??
On a SCRAM device for alcohol. Got my first DUI and the judge ordered me to not drink until March so I was given a SCRAM (Pretrial) Was wondering if I am going to be drug tested? I have to go get the bracelet updated 2 times a week. It mentioned in the paper that I may have to submit to a screening. The lady asked me if I had ever some drugs and I told her I smoked pot about a month ago (Wanted to be honest). I've never done any other drugs and wanted to know if ill get in trouble if this comes up on a test? Even if she already knows I did it a month ago? I stopped smoking but I think it's still in my system. Was just wondering what would happen?
It's certainly possible and you should not be using any drugs. Speak to your attorney.
Can i mail, proof for DUI related community service hours to the court ?
Had a DUI in California and was ordered to do 50hrs community service. I have since relocated to Georgia for work. I have completed the community service hours and have the document ready. Question- Do I have to make a trip to CA and submit it in person or can i mail that in to the court clerk and probation officer? Please advise.
I have changed the category, Good luck.
How to get the license back after a false arrest of dui
My girlfriend was driving and lost control on hwy 80, emeryville ca and hit an overpass. We got out of the car and chp assumed I was the driver. I had been drinking that night. At that time I was not a license driver and was arrested. We had evidence (pictures and video) from my injury and the blood in the vehicle that it was apparent that i was not the driver. My girlfriend had only a scratch from the air bag. There was no blood on the drivers side. Went to court and no charges were made. I was told by the public defender they would just wait out a year and drop the charges. That is what exactly happened. I later got a license for the first time in Florida. Married and living in california, I went to DMV to get a CA license and DMV told me my license has been suspended due to the DUI. I did not own a license at the time of the incident and therefore never requested a hearing.
CA DMV is likely the toughest DMV in the state. To get your license back, you're likely going to have a battle with...
I was asking is there a staute of limitations on domestic violence, not a dui. Why warrant didnt come up when arrested for dui?
The dui is over. Don't know how long the warrant was there for. It never came up in 2014 when arrested for dui. The domestic violence happened in 2010, it is now 2017.
Domestic violence can either be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. Statute for misdemeanor is one year and three...