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Can I get a DUI expunged if I wasn’t charged but they said they have a year to file charges?
I arrested for a DUI and I went to my court date and I just got a lettter from the District Attorney but I forgot what it said. Either way I wasn’t charged but they said they have a year to file charges.
When people talk about "expungements," they are usually referring to dismissal under Penal Code §1203.4, which occur...
Employee application for ny job has a California license mvr with "viol/dt conv/dt sec/viol dkt/no disp court veh/lic?
looking for employee background and do not understand california mvr under dates 7/1/17/8/2/17 01 s dak
This is not an immigration question, I'll reclassify it.
Can my fiance receive a 60 day jail sentence for a first time offence dui at .15 and first time driving over 100mph in CA
My fiance was charged with a dui of .15. Yesterday he went to court and the DA was not only charging him for the 2 counts of a dui but also added on a charge vc22348 (b) driving over 100mph in which he never received a ticket nor was it charged the night he was arrested. The DA is trying to get him to serve a 60 day jail sentence. These are both 1st offences however to me the speeding should have been a charge that night not one added later. Is this legal for the DA to Do? We have all the paperwork on the initial charge and now the 3 counts they are going after him for.
The prosecution reviews the evidence and determines what they believe they can prove. People often get multiple...
Are the elements of a DUI in California the same as a DUI in Wisconsin?
The Superior Court of California requested that I go to the DMV office and get my valid drivers licence. Unfortunately i was informed by the DMV that i can't get one due to a 2nd DUI charge in Wisconsin. In 2000 i got a DUI in California and was sentenced a first offenders program that I completed. 15 yrs. later i was stopped for driving a friend home who was intoxicated,and given a ticket for not having my drivers license on my person while driving.
You'll have to take the 18 month course. You were suppose to do it in 2000, you just didn't notify dmv / the court.
DUI Conviction
"i had 2 duis 11 years ago, did 6 months, had another 4 years ago, did work furlough and had IID installed, after it was removed I had another last week totaling just my car. am I looking at jail time? this is in Ca."
If those DUIs were more then 10 yes old, this one would be considered a first offense. Generally, a first offense will...
I missed my court date for under the influence and not sshowing proof of being enrolled in a program.it's been almost two months
A warrant was issued for my arrest and I'm scared of going to jail and I can't efford an attorney to appear for me.what should I do to take care of this&what will happen when I do?
ASAP contact the attorney who represented you at the time that you were ordered to enroll in the program. If you did...
My brother is in county jail right now for multiple Dui's He is 33 years old and a paraplegic. He has recently had a stroke
My brother is not getting the attention he needs. This is negligence on the county. Medical negligence!! My brother has asked numerous times for a new wheel chair and got shut down. What can I do to help my brother. Legal action seems to be the only way since his health is failing fast with no help. I know he is not in a convalescent home but he should be taken care of. These are only a few issues. The list goes on and on. Please help me. Thank you.
Hire a civil rights attorney and perhaps a civil litigation attorney to look into this deeper. A criminal defense...